How to Convert ePub to Mobi

Convert your ebooks so they're easier to read in Kindle format

When your favorite ebook is only available in ePub format but your e-reader uses the Kindle file format, use a MOBI converter to convert ePub to MOBI.

Convert ePub to Kindle Book Format Online

There are many ebook converter online tools, and many of these convert ePub to MOBI.

A popular online ePub converter is EPUB Converter. EPUB Converter has a dedicated web page where you can convert ePub to Kindle easily.

To use EPUB Converter to convert your ePub files to Kindle format:

  1. Go to the EPUB Converter EPUB to Kindle Converter website.

  2. Select Add file to open the Open dialog box.

  3. Open the folder containing the ePub file, select the file, then select Open. The ePub file appears on the web page in the File Name list.

  4. Select Start Upload to start the conversion.

    The EPUB Converter website with an ePub file that is ready to convert to MOBI
  5. When the conversion is finished, select the download link.

    The EPUB Converter website with a converted MOBI file ready to download
  6. The MOBI file downloads to your computer and is saved to the default location used by your web browser.

Use a MOBI Converter to Convert ePub to MOBI

Several desktop MOBI converters are available as a free download. One favorite is Calibre. Calibre not only converts ePub to MOBI, but it also converts every ebook format into whatever ebook format you want. Plus, Calibre works on the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Here’s how to convert ePub to MOBI using Calibre:

  1. Open Calibre.

  2. Select Add books to open the Select books dialog box.

    The Calibre library screen
  3. Open the folder containing the ePub file you want to convert, select the file, then select Open. The ePub file is added to the Calibre library.

  4. Select Edit metadata to open the Edit Metadata dialog box.

    The Calibre library with an ePub ebook selected
  5. In the Change cover section, select an option to choose a different front cover for your MOBI ebook.

  6. Modify information in the Title, Author, Publisher, and Tags text boxes to fit your needs and make it easier for you to search your e-reader for the book.

    How to edit metadata in Calibre
  7. Select OK to return to the Calibre library.

  8. Select Convert books to open the Convert dialog box.

  9. Select the Output format dropdown and select MOBI.

    How to convert ePub to MOBI in Calibre
  10. Select OK to return to the Calibre library.

  11. Select Formats to expand the list.

  12. Select MOBI to find the converted file.

    Showing where to find converted files in Calibre
  13. Select the MOBI file.

  14. Select Save to disk to save the MOBI file to your computer.

Preview the MOBI Kindle Format

Download Kindle Previewer from the Amazon website to verify whether your MOBI file will display correctly on a Kindle device. It’s available for Windows and Mac.

The Kindle Previewer shows how your MOBI file will look on a variety of devices, including tablets, phones, and e-readers. The Kindle Previewer will also automatically convert documents to MOBI.

To preview a MOBI file in the Kindle Previewer:

  1. Open Kindle Previewer.

  2. Select File > Open Book to open the Open Book dialog box.

  3. Select the MOBI file, then select Open. The file is converted to Kindle format.

  4. After the conversion is complete, a preview of the ebook appears in Kindle Previewer.

    The Kindle Previewer with a preview of a MOBI ebook
  5. Select the Device Type dropdown, then select the type of device that will be used to read the file; select Tablet, Phone, or Kindle E-Reader.

  6. Select the Orientation that will be used when reading the book, either Portrait or Landscape.

  7. Use the navigation arrows in the preview area to flip from page to page in the ebook.

  8. When you’re finished, select File > Close Book.

Send ePub Files to Your Kindle Device

If you don’t want to use an ePub-to-MOBI converter, send your ePub ebooks directly to your Kindle reader. Several websites will manage this job for you. One option is to attach the ePub file to an email addressed to your Send to Kindle email address. Another option is to use an online service, such as Send EPUB to Kindle.

Use Amazon to Convert ePub to Kindle Book Format

Install Send to Kindle on your computer when you want a quick and easy way to convert your ePub ebooks and other files so you can read them on your Kindle.

Send to Kindle is a standalone application for Windows and Mac, and also appears in Windows Explorer and your applications as a printer. You’ll need an Amazon account and a Kindle ebook reader to fully utilize it.