Control Your Home With Lenovo's New Smart Clock Essential

And add beauty with the upgraded Smart Frame

Lenovo is expanding its smart home offerings with the new Smart Clock Essential with Amazon Alexa built-in, an upcoming Ambient Light Dock, and a new update to its Smart Frame device.

The Smart Clock Essential can set timers and reminders with voice commands and has multiple stylish, customizable offerings. The Smart Frame's update includes virtual sticky notes and it also no longer requires a Google Photos account to be used.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Alexa Built-in


The Smart Clock Essential with Alexa built-in has a large interactive LED display which you can tap to dismiss an alarm and enjoy its auto-dimming feature. You can connect the clock to Amazon Music or other streaming apps via Wi-Fi and have the device function as a smart speaker. Thanks to a 3W full-range speaker, the device can fill a room with high-quality audio.

The device comes in two different colors, Misty Blue and Clay Red, and is covered by soft fabric. You can personalize the clock with customizable clock faces or place it on the new Lenovo Ambient Light Dock, which serves as a nightlight and can fill the room with light using eight different modes.

The Smart Clock Essential will be available January 2022 at $59.99 while the Light Dock will come out in Q1 2022 at $29.99.

Lenovo Smart Frame


Since the Smart Frame no longer requires a Google Photos account, you can upload pictures directly to the frame’s storage. The new virtual sticky note feature adds messages on top of the picture which can be scheduled to display at certain times.

Lenovo also plans on adding an Instagram channel for the Smart Frame, but the release date is still pending. The upgraded Smart Frame is available now for $399.99. 

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