How to Use Alexa to Control Amazon Fire TV

Amazon's Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo and Tap smart speakers allow you to control a number of things with just the sound of your voice, including connected appliances throughout your home and office. It only makes sense, then, that you'd also be able to send commands to the company's Fire TV line of products as well by using Alexa.

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All you need to control your Fire TV device in this manner is a supported Alexa-enabled device and a shared Wi-Fi connection.

Link Your Fire TV With Alexa

Link Your Fire TV with Alexa


To control your Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, or Fire TV Edition television through your Alexa-enabled device, you first need to link them together. Certain Alexa-enabled apps and devices cannot be used to control your Fire TV, including the Alexa app, the Amazon Shopping app or any Amazon Fire tablets.

  1. Open the Alexa app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Tap the menu button, represented by three horizontal lines and located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
  3. When the drop-down menu appears, select Music, Video & Books.
  4. Choose the fireTV option, found within the Video section.
  6. A list of your available Fire TV devices should now be displayed, each accompanied by a radio button. Select the device that you want to link with Alexa and tap CONTINUE.
  7. A list of your Alexa-enabled devices will now be shown, each accompanied by a checkbox. Select one or more devices that you'd like to use to control the Fire TV chosen in the previous step. Once satisfied with your choices, tap the LINK DEVICES button.
  8. An updated list of your linked devices will now be displayed within the app. From this screen, you can unlink a device or link another Fire TV to Alexa if you wish.

Find and Watch Movies and TV Shows

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There are many useful voice commands that Alexa understands when it comes to controlling your Fire TV, including the following group which allows you to search for and play movies and TV shows by title, actor or genre.

If your Alexa-enabled device is equipped with a video screen, such as the Echo Show, then you should quantify the commands below by adding the words "on Fire TV" to the end of each. If not, the movie or TV show may wind up playing on your device instead of your television.

  • Watch [movie or TV show title]: Launches a particular movie or show from Amazon Video or another supported app.
  • Play [movie or TV show title] on [app name]: Launches a movie or show from the app of your choice.
  • Play [genre] on [app name]: Shows a list of movies and TV shows from a particular genre within the app of your choice (i.e., Play comedy on Amazon Video).
  • Search for [movie or TV show title] or Search for [movie or TV show title] on [app name]: Lets you find movies or shows from one or more apps on your Fire TV device, based on title.
  • Show me titles with [actor/actress name]: Returns a list of movies and shows featuring a specific actor or actress.
  • Find [actor/actress name] movies on [app name]: Performs the same function as the previous command, but only displays titles available within a certain app.

Controlling Video Playback With Alexa

control Fire TV video playback with Alexa

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After you've found the show or movie you'd like to watch, you can also control its playback by speaking the following commands in the direction of your smart speaker or other Alexa-enabled device. In the case of Fire TV Edition televisions, this would be the TV itself.

  • Play
  • Stop
  • Pause
  • Resume
  • Rewind [specific timeframe]
  • Fast Forward [specific timeframe]
  • Watch from beginning
  • Next Episode

Miscellaneous Commands

Alexa commands for Amazon Fire TV

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The following Alexa commands can also be used to control your Fire TV.

  • Watch [channel or network name]: This command only works when running an app that supports live TV access
  • Open [app name]: Loads the introductory details screen for any app currently installed on your Fire TV
  • Go Home: Returns to the main Fire TV Home screen

Control Your Fire TV Edition Television

Control Fire TV Edition Television with Alexa

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The following Alexa commands are specific to Fire TV Edition televisions only. The majority of those already mentioned above will also work on said TVs.

  • Turn on Fire TV
  • Turn Fire TV off
  • Turn up the volume on Fire TV
  • Turn it down on Fire TV
  • Mute Fire TV
  • Set the volume to [level number] on Fire TV
  • Open TV guide: This feature only works during live TV playback, which requires a digital antenna to be connected to your Amazon Fire TV Edition television.
  • Change to [device/input]: Allows you to switch input channels without using the remote control