Control Your Tesla With an Apple Watch

Locate your car, start or stop the engine, and activate AC from afar

Although Tesla has an official offering in Apple's App Store, if you want to control your car with your Apple Watch, you'll need to download a third-party platform called Watch App for Tesla. Here's a look at how this app helps you control your Tesla right from your wrist.

Watch App for Tesla requires iOS 13.0 or later and watchOS 6.2 or later. 

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How Watch App for Tesla Got Its Start

Kim Hansen, a Tesla Model 3 owner, initially built Watch App for Tesla to make life more convenient for himself. After sharing his fledgling project and receiving overwhelming interest, Hansen submitted it to Apple "on a whim," and it was approved in less than an hour.

Now, the $7.99 app is available in the App Store, and its users value the wrist-based conveniences Watch App for Tesla provides.

Watch App for Tesla Features

With Watch App for Tesla, leave your iPhone in your pocket and handle some necessary Tesla functions with just a few taps on your Apple Watch or a quick Siri command.

Watch app for Tesla Apple Watch screens

Watch App for Tesla lets you unlock your vehicle and start it remotely from your Apple Watch (this feature requires internet connectivity). If you're wondering whether or not you locked your car, set up a lock-status notification to ease your mind and even see if windows, trunks, or doors are open.

Open and close your trunk and "frunk" remotely, and access a charging indicator that displays your car's current charge state, how long it needs to charge, and how much energy was added to the battery. Tap to start charging your Tesla and set its exact charge target, such as 100 percent. If your Tesla is charging, tap to unlock it from the charge port.

Watch App for Tesla charging indicators

The Watch App for Tesla can also:

  • Send you an alert if you forgot to charge your Tesla.
  • Start the car's vent, defroster, seat heaters, heater, or air conditioner.
  • Switch control between multiple Teslas.
  • Perform a series of commands after you set them.
  • Open or close windows.
  • Display how long until your car is sufficiently charged.
  • Use Siri to set and get lock and charging status.
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