Go On The Loose in Contract Killer: Sniper

Contract Killer: Sniper is the next game in the Contract Killer franchise. The game offers a lot of content, but is it worth the time or is it just another faceless soldier?

The Good


In Contract Killer: Sniper, you're a soldier who's tired of the rigid structure of the military and joins up with this organization that takes contract hits on crime villains. You are skilled in multiple forms of weaponry, so namesake aside, there are a lot of weapons and missions for you to carry out.

You have knives, assault rifles, bombs, snipers, and more to kill your enemies with, so it's not a simple point, find, and shoot game. When you start a mission you have one primary weapon and that will help determine how you play that mission. There are assault missions and sniper missions. The game let's you move from different cover points to get the best angles to kill your enemies.

In the assault missions, it's a lot of close quarters fighting and the sniper missions are mostly covert operations. So missions, also require you to kill a specific target that you need to locate. The different mission types helps switch up the gameplay, so you aren't just killing random people or animals like in most shooters. The enemies also fire back at you, which is also a switch up from a lot of mobile shooters. The game also offers a base building option, which you can upgrade and take into multiplayer to verse other players in a base versus base mission.

The Bad


Contract Killer: Sniper has many of the same barriers and pitfalls that you see in many other shooter titles. The game requires you to upgrade your weapons for many missions. These upgrades cost a decent amount of money and you will need to play a lot of missions to have enough for the upgrades especially when you play the boss stages, which sometimes require multiple upgrades.

This means grinding a lot of lesser missions for money. This might not be as big of a problem if the game didn't work on an energy system as well. Both energy and weapons can be purchased with real money, but that is not an appealing option for most people.

The Verdict


Contract Killer: Sniper adds a couple different element than other mobile shooters, but it still carries the same problems. Moving from cover to cover adds a different strategy element that you don't see in other shooters, but you will still have to do a lot of waiting and grinding to get anywhere in the game. The game is worth a try if you enjoy shooter games, but for most people it can be passed over. It's chock-full of missions, so that's actually a boon, but for everyone who's moved on to Hitman in the interim, there are better games to spend time and money on.