Content Delivery Networks

CDNs for Streaming Video

If you're going to be streaming a lot of video, you'll need a content delivery network. There are many out there; here are the top choices.

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Brightcove is one of the largest content delivery networks in the business. Headquartered outside of Boston, Brightcove's technology powers many of the major video sites on the web.

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When it comes to content delivery networks, Akamai is one of the biggest names in the game. Their services are intended only for the largest video distributors, but they're worth glancing at if you want to see the ultimate in video hosting providers.

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Streaming Media Hosting

Streaming Media Hosting is a content delivery network that serves many large clients with a variety of streaming media solutions. Streaming Media Hosting works with nearly all video formats, and has special packages for places of worship looking to live stream their services.

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Onstream Media

Onstream Media is a hosting provider offering a variety of video streaming services. Not only can you manage and stream your video content worldwide, you can offer webcasts, video conferencing and live pay-per-view streaming of events.

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AudioVideoweb also offers a variety of packages, the smallest starting at just under $10 per month. The site also offers other services and add-ons, like live video casts, pay-per-view downloads, and the ability to insert ads into your videos.

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Dailymotion Cloud

With a simple user interface and straightforward pricing, Dailymotion cloud is a great CDN solution for bloggers and web developers who don't need the customized services of larger CDNs. DM Cloud lets you take care of all your streaming video needs at affordable rates based on total viewer hours.

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VBrick is a high-powered, professional CDN. Although VBrick serves big name clients such as Ford, Shell, and NASA, VBrick provides pricing and plans for companies of all sizes based on your specific streaming media needs.

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With customers such as LinkedIn, Wordpress, Tumblr, and Soundcloud, Edgecast is a powerful solution for large companies that need to move a lot of data. Edgecast isn't a CDN for consumers - if you're looking at creating a contract with Edgecast you're probably a big brand company with thousands of clients and rich-media needs.