How to Contact Zoho Mail Support

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Are you having problems with your Zoho Mail account? Maybe you have mail missing or your account is inaccessible via IMAP? Do you get strange error messages in your browser or somebody else's messages in your inbox? Would you like to know how many rules you can create or whether your sending limit can be raised for the day?

Whatever the problem you might be having with Zoho Mail, getting help is easy. Depending on your account type (free or paid), you can contact Zoho Mail support by phone or email (via a web form).

If you're not paying for your Zoho services you'll have to use the email option. If that's the case, you can expect a reply in about two business days. For paying customers who choose the email route (instead of calling Zoho) plan to allow 24 hours for a response.

Any Zoho Mail User: Contact Zoho Mail Email Support

Screenshot of the Zoho Mail Help Page

To submit a request for help to Zoho Mail support for an account:

  1. Visit the Zoho Mail Contact page.
  2. On the page, you first have the option to search the knowledge base for a solution to your problem. If you've already tried that (or after you've tried that), then you can scroll down the page to find the contact form (labeled We are here for you).
  3. On that form enter your email address, a subject, and add a description of your problem in the message box. When you're creating the description keep these things in mind:
    1. Do include a short summary on top.
    2. Then provide as much detail as possible, especially any changes — for example, changes with your internet service provider or to your computer software and equipment — that coincided with the problem you are having.
    3. Note your environment and circumstances for accessing Zoho Mail: your operating system and browser or email program, for instance, their version numbers and any error messages you may get.
    4. If you have run into an issue that you can evoke, list the precise steps and circumstances to take for reproducing the problem.
  1. Click Submit.

Paying Customers: Contact Zoho Mail Phone Support

To call Zoho Mail support for immediate help via the phone as a paying customer:

    • +1 844-755-5753 - United States
    • 44 800-917-7226 - United Kingdom
    • +971 8000-444-0983 - United Arab Emirates
    • +33 805-542-463 - France
    • +34 918-368-617 - Spain
    • +65 6622-8452 - Singapore
    • +91 044-46447100 - India
    • +61 1800-631-706 - Australia
    • +49 8000-664-488 - Germany
    • +39 0287-103-740 - Italy
    • +46 851-989-570 - Sweden