How to Contact Yahoo! Mail Support

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Get feedback from Yahoo! about how to fix problems with your email account.

Yahoo! Mail help

Think you have found a bug in Yahoo! Mail?

Why, no—it is obvious: the message should not look jumbled like this, dragging images around should work, and this error message is not worth the digits that make it up.

It's great, in a way, that you uncovered the bug; you will report it in a way that lets Yahoo! Mail engineers fix it in a cinch.

Of course, Yahoo! Mail support can also help you with problems and issues that are not exactly bugs.

Contact Yahoo! Mail Support

To get support for and with Yahoo! Mail:

  1. Find out whether the problem you have can be reproduced by taking certain steps. Also try with a different browser or operating system, if you can.
  2. Visit Yahoo! Help.
  3. Click Mail.
  4. Select the Yahoo! Mail product in which you see the issue:
    1. Mail for Desktop for problems in a desktop browser.
    2. Mobile Mail for problems in a mobile browser.
    3. Mail app for Android for problems in the Yahoo! Mail app for Android.
    4. Mail app for iOS for problems with the iPhone and iPad Yahoo! Mail app.
  5. Pick the most likely category and, possibly, sub-category under Topics.
  6. If no article describes or helps with your issue:
    1. ​Make sure Mail for Desktop is selected for Yahoo! Help.
    2. Select Errors under Topic.
    3. Now choose My issue does not appear in the list.
    4. Click Yahoo! Mail Quick Fix.
    5. Select the kind of problem under What are you having a problem with?.
    6. Enter an email address other than your Yahoo! Mail address under Alternate Email.
    7. Type the Captcha code under Enter the code you see below.
    8. Click Create Request.
    9. Wait for Yahoo! to scan your account for problems and follow the suggestions in the email you have received when it was finished.

    Recover Lost Yahoo! Mail Messages

    You can also contact Yahoo! Mail support to have your mailbox restored to an earlier state — to undelete purged mail, for example.

    Suggest Features to Yahoo! Mail

    If you have a suggestion for improving Yahoo! Mail rather than a problem with something not working right, you can let Yahoo! know, too.