Contact Windows Live Mail Support or Report a Bug

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At least it's not a friend or business partner, or your bank: Windows Live Mail letting you down is still bad, and it would be nice to get to your emails, right? — Who knows? Maybe you are letting down a friend or partner.

When you run into problems with Windows Live Mail, it's always good for its makers to know about it. They are, in the end, those who most efficiently will be able to fix what ails the email program. Possibly, Windows Live Mail support can help you right away, too.

Contact Windows Live Mail Support or Report a Bug

To get support for a Windows Live Mail problem or report a bug:

  • Visit the Windows Live Mail forum on Microsoft Answers.
  • Click Sign in in the top right corner if you are not yet signed into Microsoft Answers.
  • If you are not logged in to your Windows Live account:
  • If you have not created a Microsoft Answers profile yet:
    • Enter the name you wish to go with your posts in the Windows Live Mail forum under Display Name:
    • Type the email address where you want to receive optional notifications of replies to your question under Email address:
    • Make sure I accept the Answers Code of Conduct is checked after you have read the code and agree with it.
    • Click Sign Up.
  • Click Ask a question.
  • Type a one-line summary of your question under Post your question to the community.
  • Click Ask.
  • Look under Before you post your question... for potentially helpful answers to your question.
  • Enter your full question under Details.
    • Include as much information as possible. If something comes to mind and you think it is insignificant, list it.
    • Mention the exact version of Windows Live Mail when describing your problem.
      • Select Windows Live Mail | About (or Help | About Windows Live Mail) to see the version number under Version. The entire version number could be "2011 (Build 15.4.3538.0513)", for example.
  • Make sure Hotmail, Messenger & SkyDrive is selected under Forum.
  • Now make sure Mail is selected under Product.
  • Select the most appropriate category under Topic.
  • Leave Notify me when someone responds to this question checked to receive notifications at the email address you entered earlier.
  • Click Submit.

You can tell official answers by looking at the username: Windows Live representatives have "MSFT" or “Windows Live” in the name or "Forum Moderator" below it.

Using a different avenue, you can also submit suggestions for Windows Live Mail improvements.