How to Contact Support

Outlook.Com support comes in the form of forum help, not phone calls on a laptop in an office

When does things you don't expect in your email program or browser; when your contacts or your messages don't show up where they should; when error messages pop up high and low; you are stuck and need help.

You can get help with problems from knowledgeable users and Microsoft's team members on a support forum.

  1. Try the forum. With, you may not receive assured, free and immediate access to a support professional. However, you can gain access to Microsoft employees and many experienced users that offer help on a public forum where your question may have already been answered. If not, you can enter your question and wait for a response.

  2. Check the Service Status. If you go to Microsoft's service status screen, you can check to see if is experiencing any problems at the current time. You can't enter problems here, but you can read about any that are ongoing. If isn't experiencing an outage or any problems, you'll see "Everything is up and running." As far as Microsoft is concerned, all is good.

  3. Check whether the website is down. Several web services allow you to type in a URL and find out if the website is down. Among them are Down for Everyone or Just Me? and Is It Up? All of these services work similarly. You type in a website address, such as, and it tells you whether the site is up or down on the internet.

  4. Check out the Troubleshooting section of On the Get Help With webpage is a troubleshooting section. Check it to see if your problem has already been addressed. Click any topic to open another webpage that contains problems (and fixes or workarounds) that have already been addressed.

  5. Don't bother calling It is widely reported that doesn't offer phone support (it's free, after all). In several places in the community forum, posts pop up saying help is available if you call a toll free number during certain hours. This number has been reported as a scam attempt in several places on the internet, so it is best to ignore it.