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You can get help with problems from knowledgeable users and Microsoft's team on a support forum.

Puzzled? Vexed? Irate?

When does things you did not expect in your email program or browser; when your contacts or—aghast!—your messages do not show up where they should; when error messages pop up high and low; when a seemingly simple thing to do appears impossible; when you are stuck, help is best nearest—just around the corner and browser tab. Support by Forum

With, you may not get assured, free and immediate access to a support professional; you do get access to Microsoft employees, though, and many an experienced user that will offer help—on a public forum where your question possibly has already been answered.

Contact Support

To get in touch with Microsoft for tech support or receive help from other users:

  1. Check's status for known issues.
    • You can also report new problems sending and receiving mail or signing in directly.
      1. Do not ask for help and do not expect a reply if you report a problem there; do expect Microsoft to work on resolving any issues immediately, though.
  2. Open the Microsoft account,, SkyDrive page forum on the Microsoft Community.
  3. Click Sign in near the top right if available (you are not logged in to the Microsoft Community).
  4. If you are not logged in to your account:
    1. Enter your email address over under Microsoft account.
    2. Type your password over Password.
    3. Click Sign in.
  5. Make sure Search the Community is selected for the search field — also near the top right.
  6. Enter a summary of your problem in the search field.
  7. Click Click to find answers (showing a magnifying glass).
  8. See if your question for support has already been asked.
    • If it has, check for solutions and answers or click Me Too under Had this question if the questions has not yet been satisfactorily answered.
  1. Click Create under Create your own question or discussion (near the bottom of the page).
  2. Type the headline for your support request under Title.
    • Ideally, the title will be a concise summary and offer enough detail to grasp the scope and theme of your question.
    • The Microsoft Community will have suggested your query for the title; you can use that if it fits, of course.
  3. Enter your problem, question and support request under Details.
    • Include much detail here.
      1. If something coincided with a new problem, slightly preceded it or happened just afterward, for instance, do list it. A change at your internet service provider — a newly intercepting transparent proxy, for instance — might be related to your problem or hint at a different, underlying issue (that causes both problems).
      2. Anything you have already tried to resolve a problem and what results you got from your efforts can also be helpful.
      3. Do not post personal and secret details such as your password, email address or phone number. If your username, for instance, is necessary for troubleshooting, a forum moderator or support person will ask you to send them in a private message only visible to them and you. See below for recognizing moderators and support engineers.
  1. Make sure Microsoft account,, SkyDrive is selected under Category:.
  2. Now make sure is selected under Product.
  3. Select the category where your question best fits under Topic.
  4. Typically, make sure Post a question is selected.
  5. Typically, also make sure Notify me when someone responds to this post is checked so you get alerts to new replies.
  6. Click Submit.

Identifying Microsoft Employees and Most Helpful Users on Microsoft Community

In replies, you can identify replies from Microsoft employees or experienced users by looking for the following labels beneath the username in a post:

  • Microsoft: A Microsoft employee; note they need not be working on
  • MVP: A "Most Valuable Professional", independent experts and users distinguished by Microsoft for their expertise with close connections to Microsoft employees.
  • Support Engineer: Not necessarily a Microsoft employee, the user is still a support professional.
  • Forum Moderator: not a Microsoft employee, the user is recognized and engaged by Microsoft to help maintain the forum.
  • Community Star: A Microsoft Community user who has contributed in a helpful manner over some time; their posts are marked helpful consistently.

(Updated August 2013)