How to Connect Google Home to Bluetooth Speakers

Amplify your Google Home by pairing it with external speakers

Your Google Home can use Bluetooth to play music on a separate speaker. If you like using your Google Home device for media playback but it doesn't fill the room like you want it to, or you have a brand-new Bluetooth speaker that you really want to use, it's easy to pair the two.

When you connect Google Home to Bluetooth speakers, all music that you command through Google Home will play on the Bluetooth device. However, other things like Google Assistant responses, alarms, and timers, continue to play through the Google Home's built-in speaker.

Google Home Bluetooth Setup Directions

Here's how to hook up Google Home to some Bluetooth speakers:

  1. Turn on both Google Home and the Bluetooth speaker.

  2. Open the Google Home app on your phone or tablet. It's available for iPhone, iPad, and Android users.

  3. From the home tab, select the Google Home device to connect to the Bluetooth speaker.

  4. Select the Settings button (the gear).

  5. Scroll down and select Default music speaker.

    Google Home Android app home screen and device settings
  6. Put your Bluetooth speaker into pairing mode. It might have a button that you have to press once or press-and-hold for a few seconds. Others might be connected to an app where you can enable pairing mode. Consult the speaker's documentation for specifics.

  7. Return to the Google Home app and select Pair Bluetooth speaker, and then select the speaker when you see it appear on the screen.

    Google Home pair bluetooth speaker button

Troubleshooting Tips

If Google Home can't find your speaker, verify the speaker is in pairing mode and, if there's a physical switch to enable Bluetooth, that the switch is in the on position.

If you see "No devices were found" in the Google Home app, press Rescan to try looking again. It might take a few tries.

If your Google Home is having trouble hearing you after you've paired the Bluetooth speaker, make sure you're talking to the Google Home itself and not the newly paired Bluetooth speaker. The microphone is on the Google Home device.

You can connect Google Home to several Bluetooth speakers simultaneously. Either add multiple speakers through the Google Home app so that you can pick which one to play music on, or create a speaker group to play the same music across multiple speakers at once.

There's no reason to reconnect the Bluetooth speaker each time you want to use it. The directions above let you pair and connect the speaker to Google Home just once so that every time after that, music will continue to play through the Bluetooth speaker until you turn it off or it gets disconnected.

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