How to Connect an Xbox One to a TV

Go Out from Xbox to In on the TV and start playing

What to Know

  • Plug an HDMI cord into the HDMI Out port on the back of the console, and plug the other end into your TV.
  • The HDMI Out port is the one closer to the power cable.
  • If your TV doesn't have HDMI ports, you'll need to use an HDMI-to-component or HDMI-to-composite adapter.

In this article, you'll learn how to hook up an Xbox One console to a TV. Instructions apply to the Xbox One as well as the updated Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

How to Hook Up an Xbox One to a TV

Because Microsoft designed the Xbox One for high-definition TVs, you'll only need one cable to connect it to your set. The image in these instructions shows the base Xbox One console, but the instructions are the same for an Xbox One S or Xbox One X.

  1. Connect one end of an HDMI cable to the HDMI Out port on the back of the console. This port is the one closer to the power cord.

    The HDMI Out port on an Xbox One console


  2. Connect the other end to an open port on your TV.

  3. Optionally, plug an optical audio cable into the jack between the two HDMI ports, and then connect it to the corresponding port on your TV. The Xbox One doesn't include an optical cable, but this connection isn't necessary to use the console.

    The optical audio port on an Xbox One console
  4. You'll get the best picture and sound from an HDMI connection, but if your TV isn't an HDTV and doesn't have HDMI ports, you'll need an adapter or different cable depending on which connections it does have. You'll need one of the following:

    • HDMI-to-component: Use this if your TV has three video ports (red, blue, and green).
    • HDMI-to-composite: Use this one if your TV has a single video port (yellow).
  5. Once you've connected the console to your TV, you can connect the power cable and turn on the Xbox to start to set up the system.

Why Does the Xbox One Have Two HDMI Ports?

You want to be sure to connect the HDMI cable to the correct port on the back of the Xbox One. The console has two: HDMI In and HDMI Out. The Out port will carry the picture and sound from the Xbox to your TV. You'll use the HDMI In if you have a cable box or satellite receiver. Microsoft touted the Xbox One's capacity to be a single device to handle gaming, streaming, and TV, so it has the extra port to tie into your full TV setup.

  • How do I connect an Xbox One controller to a PC?

    To sync your Xbox One controller to a PC using a USB dongle, insert the dongle, turn on the Xbox One, press and release the dongle's connect button, and then press and hold the connect button on your controller. For a Bluetooth connection, press and release the controller's connect button; go to your Bluetooth settings and select Xbox Wireless Controller > Pair.

  • How do I connect Bluetooth headphones to an Xbox One?

    Unfortunately, the Xbox One models don't support Bluetooth. They use a proprietary technology called Xbox Wireless. However, you can connect wireless headphones to an Xbox One. With a USB wireless adapter, they'll connect automatically when you turn on the Xbox One, connect the adapter, and switch on the headset.

  • How do I connect an Xbox One controller to an iPhone?

    To connect an Xbox One controller to an iPhone, press the Xbox logo button on the controller to power it on, and then press the Sync button at the top until the Xbox logo button flashes. The controller should appear in your Bluetooth Other Devices list. Select it to pair it to your iPhone.

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