Can You Post Tweets to Facebook Automatically?

Facebook profiles aren't supported, but Pages are

You might want to post your tweets on Facebook if you manage an account on both platforms and want to avoid having to manually enter the same data on both sites. Connecting Twitter and Facebook would allow you to post a tweet and have it automatically show up on your Facebook profile, too.

Unfortunately, in 2018, a Facebook update removed the ability to automatically post tweets to Facebook profiles. However, what wasn't affected in the changes is how third-party tools can interact with Facebook Pages.

How to Connect Twitter and Facebook

Below are your only options for working with Twitter and Facebook.

Post Tweets to Your Facebook Page

IFTTT RSS to Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook Page that you want updated continuously with each new tweet you create, you can convert your tweets to an RSS feed and import the feed into a service that will auto-post its contents to your Facebook Page.

It sounds complicated but it's actually very easy to do: create an RSS feed from your Twitter profile and then use IFTTT to run the feed through your Facebook Page.

Use a Social Media Posting Service

CoSchedule Twitter and Facebook simultaneous post

To post the same thing on your Twitter profile and Facebook Page without having to switch between the sites, use a social media posting platform like Buffer, Later, Hootsuite, or CoSchedule.

You can schedule identical posts on multiple platforms to essentially post tweets on a Facebook Page automatically, and vice versa.