How to Connect Your TiVo to a Wireless Network

Connect Fast and Securely

You'll want to be sure to choose the correct wireless network when connecting your TiVo. Image © TiVo. Adam Thursby

When it comes to getting great online content into your TiVo DVR, your best option is always a wired connection. You'll get the fastest speeds and most reliable connection this way. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to get a wire to your living room. Whether you live in an apartment or simply don't care to take the time to get an Ethernet cable to the proper location, wireless is your next option.

If you are currently completing the initial setup of your new TiVo, you'll simply follow the on-screen prompts until you see "TiVo Service Connection" and select "Internet (via broadband access & home network". If you have already completed the initial setup by using a phone line, you'll need to go to TiVo Central and select Messages & Settings -> Settings-> Network & Phone. Select Use network instead.

In order to use a wireless network with your TiVo device, you'll need a compatible network adapter. This can vary depending upon the exact model you own, but the company has provided a detailed list which will help you choose the adapter that's right for you.

Once you've connected your wireless adapter, you are ready to walk through the networking setup. You'll want to choose "Wireless" as your network connection type. The next screen will display all of the available wireless networks within range of your TiVo.

Typically this will only show your network but if you live in an apartment or have houses close to yours, you may see multiple networks.

If for any reason your router has been setup to not transmit the SSID (network name) you can use the "Enter network name" selection and manually enter your network.

Next, you'll be prompted for your network password. Once entered, your TiVo will attempt to connect to your wireless network. If your router is configured to automatically assign IP addresses you should see a "Network setup complete" dialog. If not, you will need to assign your TiVo an IP address at which point it will connect to your network. If your TiVo is unable to connect, you will be prompted to check your settings.

At this point, ​you should be connected. If for any reason you have further trouble, TiVo provides some great troubleshooting tips that should get you connected quickly. Now you're free to enjoy great online content along with all of your recorded programming!