How to Connect Spotify to Alexa

Alexa's voice controls add a whole new level to the Spotify experience

With a Spotify Premium account, you can unlock the full potential of Alexa’s music capabilities, but you'll need to connect the two before you can play Spotify with Alexa. Plus, if you have a Sonos speaker, Spotify and Alexa can do even more.

This Alexa and Spotify pairing guide will explain how to get started:

Create a Spotify Premium Account

Alexa can only access your Spotify playlists and library if you have a premium account, so that's the first step. If you don't want to pay for Spotify, you can take advantage of a free trial (assuming you haven't signed up for the trial before).

  1. Create a Spotify account if you don't already have one, or log in to your account if you do.

  2. Open the account overview page by selecting Profile at the top right, and then Account.

  3. Select GET PREMIUM.

    Spotify account overview page
  4. Choose Credit or debit card or PayPal from the payment method drop-down box, and then fill out your payment details.

    Spotify Premium payment details

    If you want a different Spotify plan, use the Change plan link to pick a different option.

    If you see a free trial message, then you can use Spotify Premium during the trial period without paying for it. If you don't see that option, then you aren't eligible for a free Spotify trial and will have to pay.

  5. Select START MY SPOTIFY PREMIUM at the bottom of the page.

How to Connect Spotify to Alexa

To use Spotify with Alexa, you need to link your accounts. Make sure your Echo is online and connected to Wi-Fi, and then follow these steps:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your iPhone or iPad (get it on the App Store) or Android device (from Google Play), and log in with your Amazon account.

  2. Tap the menu button from the top left corner, and then choose Settings.

  3. Select Music and then Link New Service.

    Alexa Android app settings and music screens
  4. Tap Spotify and then log in with your Spotify or Facebook details

  5. Read through the terms and conditions of use, and then tap AGREE.

    Alexa Android app Spotify linking and login
  6. On the confirmation page, tap the small x at the top right of the screen.

Amazon Prime Music is the default music service on Echo and Fire TV devices. To get the full effect of Spotify on Alexa, you’ll want to make Spotify your default music service.

To do that, open the Settings page again, but this time go to Music > Default Services, and tap Spotify.

Alexa Android app settings, music, default services screens

You can now use Alexa voice commands to access your Spotify library, and with Spotify as your default music service, any music you want to play through Alexa will use Spotify first.

Connect Spotify and Alexa to Sonos

If you have a Sonos system and want to play Spotify with Alexa, you need the Alexa app and must make sure both your Echo and Sonos speakers are online and on the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. Open the Alexa app and tap the three-line menu button on the top left of the screen. Get the app for iPhone/iPad here, or from Google Play for Android.

  2. Select Skills & Games.

  3. Open the search bar from the top right, and enter Sonos.

  4. Tap Sonos from the results list.

    Alexa Android app menu and search screens
  5. Select the blue ENABLE TO USE button.

  6. Choose Continue.

  7. Enter your Sonos account info and then tap Sign in.

    Alexa Android app Sonos screens
  8. Once you receive confirmation, say “Alexa, discover devices” to connect your Echo with Sonos.

  9. Open your Sonos app and tap Add Music Services.

  10. Select Spotify.

Alexa Spotify Commands to Try

The whole point of connecting Alexa, Spotify, and Sonos is to enable voice controls. Here are some voice commands to try.

  • “Alexa, play (song name)” or “Alexa play (song name) by (artist).” — play a song
  • “Alexa, play (playlist name) on Spotify.” — play your Spotify playlists
  • “Alexa, play (genre).” — play a genre of music. Alexa can get find some really niche genres, so play around with this
  • “Alexa, what song is playing.” — get information on the song currently playing
  • “Alexa, who is (artist).” — learn biographical information about any musician
  • “Alexa, pause/stop/resume/previous/shuffle/unshuffle.” — control the song you’re playing
  • “Alexa, mute/unmute/volume up/volume down/volume 1-10.” — control Alexa’s volume
  • “Alexa, Spotify Connect” — use if you have issues connecting to Spotify

Sonos-specific Commands

  • “Alexa, discover devices” — find your Sonos devices
  • “Alexa, play (song name/playlist/genre) in (Sonos room).” — play music in a specific room
  • “Alexa, pause/stop/resume/previous/shuffle in (Sonos room).” — control music in a specific room