How to Connect Sonos One to TV

You'll need to invest in a few more speakers.

What To Know

  • There is no direct way to connect a Sonos One to your TV. Sonos does not connect with most smart TVs or dongles like the Chromecast.
  • You can connect your Sonos One to a TV through a Sonos soundbar and using the Sonos app to configure it all.
  • To set up surround sound, you’ll need to use speakers from similar Sonos product lines, such as the One and One SL.

In this article we’ll look at how to connect a Sonos One to a television. Your options will be limited without investing in a Sonos soundbar, such as the Playbar, Beam, or Arc, to connect to your TV. However, this will allow for both TV signals to come through, and for your music to play through the set of speakers. 

How Do I Connect My TV to My Sonos One?

To reiterate, you can't connect just a Sonos One to a TV. The Sonos One needs to wirelessly connect to a Sonos soundbar which itself is physically connected to your TV.

  1. The Sonos One doesn’t get its power from your TV or a Sonos soundbar, so you'll to make sure an AC outlet is nearby.

  2. Set up your Sonos One and TV soundbar according to the instructions in the app. You will need to create a separate “room” for each component. Make sure they’re all connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    You can move the speaker to different rooms and use it as a normal speaker when you’re not watching TV. Consider keep a few spare power cords for the Sonos One around to move it as you need it.

  3. Place your Sonos One roughly where you’d like it to be. If you’re using multiple units, be sure to use an equal number on the left and right. Each unit will need to be in the same room and have line-of-sight to the soundbar.

    Remember to separate any stereo pairs you may have set up for your Sonos One.

  4. Open the Sonos app, and go to Settings > System > Products. Tap the room you’ve designated for your soundbar, then tap Set Up Surrounds. The app will take over and configure the system, prompting you if anything is needed.

    The Sonos Menu

Can I Use My Sonos One Speaker With My TV?

In the case of using just the Sonos One with your TV, no. While Sonos does have apps for Android and iOS, they aren’t directly compatible with Android TV or Apple TV as of this writing. And there are no apps available for Roku or other streaming services. The Sonos app, which controls the devices, doesn’t recognize non-Sonos devices on your network, either. There are third party apps which claim to offer this functionality, but our tests found them to be risky and unreliable.

Similarly, there is no Bluetooth streaming functionality on the Sonos One, unlike other speakers. While the second generation of the Sonos One does have some limited Bluetooth, it’s only used for setting up the device.

This may change at some point. There’s no technical reason a Sonos One can’t connect to your smart TV, beyond neither manufacturer enabling the function, so really it's ultimately a matter of consumer interest and companies coming to an agreement. But, for now, the only way to connect a Sonos One to your TV is to make it part of a larger Sonos system connected to your television.

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