How to Connect Sonos Beam to TV

There's only one primary connection the Sonos Beam supports

What to Know

  • If your TV supports it, the best way to connect the Sonos Beam is via HDMI-ARC.
  • However, the Sonos Beam also comes with an HDMI-to-optical cable, which can be used in lieu of an HDMI-ARC connection.
  • HDMI-ARC is the preferred connection because of the features it enables, such as Alexa support.

This article explains how to connect the Sonos Beam to a TV.

The best way to connect a Sonos Beam to a TV is by way of HDMI-ARC, which most modern televisions support, but not all televisions do. It's important to remember the Beam doesn't work like other Sonos products in the sense it does not support a wireless connection to your television. You must use either HDMI-ARC or the included HDMI-to-optical cable.

How to Connect Sonos Beam to a TV

Usually, Sonos products are set up through the app to enable wireless communication, but with the Sonos Beam TV speaker, there is a more traditional setup: cables you'll need to connect from your Beam to your TV to get it up and running.

  1. Make sure your TV is connected to power and has an available HDMI-ARC or optical connection.

    HDMI-ARC is the preferred way of connecting because then you can control your Sonos Beam with your television remote. You can also use Beam's built-in Alexa functionality to control your TV over HDMI-ARC. Over an optical connection, you'll need to directly control the Beam yourself.

  2. Make sure your Sonos Beam is connected to power and you have your HDMI or HDMI-to-optical cable ready.

  3. Connect your Sonos Beam to your TV via your preferred connection.

  4. Most TVs will automatically output their sound to a connected audio device, like the Sonos Beam. However, depending on your TV and its configuration, you may have to go into your TV's settings and make sure your Sonos Beam is set as your audio output device.

  5. When connected with HDMI-ARC, you can control your beam with the remote you use to control your TV. You can also increase or decrease the volume on the Beam itself when connected to a TV.

Connecting Sonos Beam to TV Tips

If you're looking for an HDMI-ARC connection, it will be labeled on your television as HDMI-ARC on or around the HDMI port itself. You can also search for your television online to see if it supports HDMI-ARC.

If you don't have an HDMI-ARC connection. though, you can still use your Beam as your TV's speaker via an optical connection on your TV. Almost all TVs come with an optical connection, so if you don't have an HDMI-ARC connection, you'll likely have an optical one.

However, with HDMI-ARC, you can use Beam's Alexa functionality to turn off your TV, turn it on, mute, and change the volume of your TV on top of being able to control your Beam with your TV's remote.

Can Sonos Beam Connect to TV Wirelessly

No, the Sonos Beam requires a physical connection to work with your TV.

However, you can connect the Sonos Beam to your TV via HDMI-ARC or via an optical connection with the included adapter using the instructions above.

  • How do I connect a Sonos Beam to a Samsung TV?

    Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the Sonos Beam, and plug the other end into the Samsung TV's HDMI-ARC port. This will sync your audio and pictures and automatically pair the Samsung TV's remote to the Sonos Beam. Be sure to download the Sonos app to control the Samsung TV with your mobile device.

  • What is the Sonos Beam Shadow Edition?

    The Sonos Beam Shadow Edition is similar in function and design to the Sonos Beam, but it's sold at a reduced price at member-retail locations, such as Costco. The Sonos Beam Shadow Edition differs from the Sonos Beam in color (it only comes in gray). The Shadow Edition also has a longer power cord.

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