How to Connect a Smart Plug to Alexa

Control even 'dumb' devices by voice

What to Know

  • You can use a smart plug for anything without 'smart' capabilities, but only to turn that device on or off.
  • To connect a smart plug to Alexa, set it up in the accompanying app first, then add the skill for that manufacturer to your Alexa app.
  • After the skill has been added, you might need to connect the two accounts and then let Alexa discover the device to use Alexa.

This article provides information about how to connect a smart plug to the Amazon Alexa app so you can control it using your smartphone or any Amazon Echo device.

How Do I Set up a Smart Plug With Alexa?

Most smart plugs are very simple to set up. You'll need to set the plug up before you can connect it to Amazon Alexa, but most smart plugs follow the same basic structure for setup.

  1. Download the app for the smart plug maker you've selected. Whether it's Wemo, Eufy, Kasa, Amazon, or some other smart plug, they all have to be connected to an app, and Amazon is the only brand for which you won't need a separate app in addition to your Amazon Alexa app.

  2. Plug in the smart plug and open the app for that brand of plug.

  3. Follow the instructions for connecting the app to the smart plug. Usually, that means selecting a special Wi-Fi network established by the plug (Don't worry, it's temporary. Once the plug makes a connection with your device you'll be automatically switched back to your home Wi-Fi network). Then you'll be prompted to give the plug a name, and optionally, to add it to a group or scene.

That's all there is to setting up your smart plug. Once it's set up, then you need to connect it to Alexa. To do so, you'll need to first install the Alexa Skill for that smart plug brand. Then go to your Alexa app to connect your new smart plug to Alexa.

  1. Go to Devices.

  2. Tap the + icon at the top of the screen.

  3. Select Add Device.

    Screenshots showing how to add a device on the Amazon Alexa app.
  4. Select Plug from the All Devices list.

  5. Choose the brand of plug that you're installing.

  6. Alexa will take a few minutes to look for the device to connect to. Then, once it's found, a message is displayed saying 1 plug found and connected.

  7. Tap Set Up Device.

    Screenshots showing how to set up a smart plug in the Amazon Alexa app.
  8. Choose whether to add your plug to a Group or not. If you choose to add it to a group, Alexa will walk you through that process. If you choose not to, you're taking to a confirmation screen where you need to tap Done to finish the connecting the plug to Alexa.

Once you've gone through this process, you're connected to the new smart plug and you can add it to an Alexa Routine or a Smart Home Group.

How Do I Connect My Amazon Plug to Alexa?

Amazon has tried to take as much of the difficulty out of setting up your smart home as possible. If you chose Wi-Fi Simple Setup for your Amazon-branded smart plug, then all you'll need to do once you receive it is plug it in and open your Amazon Alexa app. The smart plug should automatically be recognized and available for you to begin using.

Without the Wi-Fi Simple Setup option, use the steps from above to get your Amazon-branded smart plug up and running.

How Do I Get Alexa to Recognize My Smart Plug?

If you're having trouble getting Alexa to recognize your smart plug, you might need to make sure your Amazon Alexa app has the latest updates installed. If that doesn't work, make sure both your smart plug and your Alexa app are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If they're not, Alexa won't be able to recognize your smart plug.

It's also important you're near your smart plug when trying to get it connected to your Alexa app. You should be no more than 30 feet from the smart plug, but it's better to be closer (within 10 feet) during setup.

When all else fails, try resetting your Amazon smart plug. To do so, press and hold the button on the side of the plug for about 12 seconds, then go through the setup process again.

  • How do I connect a TP-Link smart plug to Alexa?

    To add your TP-Link smart plug to Alexa, open the Alexa app, go to Devices > Add Device and select Kasa Smart. On the Connect your TP-Link Kasa device to Echo screen, tap Continue, then tap Enable to Use to enable the Alexa TP-Link Kasa skill. Sign in to your Kasa account, then tap Authorize to connect your device to Alexa.

  • How do I connect a smart plug to Google Home?

    To connect a smart plug or another smart home device to a Google Home speaker or display, open the Google Home app and tap Add > Set up Device > Works With Google. Select your smart plug manufacturer, then follow the prompts to connect your device to Google Home.

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