How to Connect PS5 Controllers to Switch

Though you'll need an adapter, the process is shockingly simple

What to Know

  • Purchase an 8BitDo Bluetooth USB adapter, and plug it into your docked Switch.
  • Turn off your PS5, and disconnect your controller.
  • Hold the PlayStation and Create buttons on your Dualsense until the lightbar begins to flash. When it turns blue, your controller is paired.

While using a PS5 controller on Switch is almost as simple and easy as using the controller with the PS5 itself, you will need to purchase a third-party Bluetooth adapter.

The 8BitDo Bluetooth adapter supports Switch and will work with the PS5 controller, though PS5 support is not currently advertised and doesn't offer features beyond basic gamepad functionality.

How to Connect a PS5 Controller to Switch

You will miss out on rumble, haptics, adaptive triggers, motion control, and the touchpad, but the PS5 controller still will work like any other gamepad. Plus, setting it up takes seconds.

  1. Turn off your PS5 and disconnect the controller. Bring your controller over to your Switch.

  2. Connect the 8BitDo USB adapter to your docked Switch. It should automatically enter pairing mode, signified by a small flashing light, but if not, simply press the button on the adapter.

  3. Press the PlayStation and Create buttons on your PS5 controller to enter pairing mode. Your controller's lightbar will flash blue while it attempts to pair and will turn solid blue when paired.


If you have trouble connecting your controller, on your Switch open System Settings > Controllers and Sensors > Pro Controller Wired Communication and make sure this is set to On.

What Else Can You Do With the 8BitDo Adapter?

In addition to the Switch, the 8BitDo adapter works with Windows PCs, Macs, and Raspberry Pi. The device also supports tons of controllers. PS5 controller support isn't official, rather that the 8BitDo adapter works with most Bluetooth controllers. Officially supported controllers include 8BitDo's own controller line, Switch Pro, Joy-cons, Xbox One S/X, PS3, PS4, Wii Mote, Wii U Pro, and more.

For a controller like the DualShock 4, the 8bitDo adapter even supports motion controls and rumble wirelessly. If you don't have Bluetooth on your PC and want to use your PS5 controller wirelessly, you can use the 8BitDo adapter to do that, too.

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