How to Connect a PS5 Controller to iPhone

It's as easy as connecting any iPhone to a Bluetooth device

What to Know

  • Open Settings and select Bluetooth on iPhone. Hold the Share and PlayStation buttons on your controller.
  • When your device appears under Other Devices, tap to pair it.
  • Bluetooth on the iPhone must be enabled before attempting this process.

This article explains how to connect a PS5 controller, or DualSense, to an iPhone. This process works like pairing any other Bluetooth device to an iPhone and works on any iOS 14.5 compatible devices outside of the iPhone.

Your iOS device will need to be running iOS 14.5 or later. Check Apple's compatibility list for iOS 14 if you need to confirm your device supports the correct version of iOS.

How to Pair a PS5 Controller to iPhone

All you'll need is a charged iPhone, a charged PS5 controller, and a couple of minutes of free time to get the two connected.

It's recommended to turn off your PS5 for this process if it's nearby, but it's not essential. Try turning it off if you experience issues pairing.

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone, and then open Settings and navigate to the Bluetooth section.

  2. On your controller, hold the Share and PlayStation buttons together for at least three seconds or until you see the light bar on your controller flashing blue, indicating it has entered pairing mode.

    DualSense controller


  3. Back on your phone, your controller will appear under Other Devices at the bottom of the Bluetooth page. When it does, tap it to pair your iPhone with it.

    Settings > Bluetooth > Other Devices on iPhone
  4. Wait a few seconds, and your controller will have officially paired to your iPhone. It works like any other Bluetooth gamepad on iOS.

Tips on Connecting PS5 Controllers to iPhone

Before trying to connect anything, make sure both your iPhone and PS5 controller are charged. Sometimes, a low battery can cause issues connecting devices or cause problems with the connection itself.

This same process described above will work for any iOS device running iOS 14.5 or later, so you can pair your PS5 controller not only with iPhone but iPads and many other devices too.

If you struggle to pair your controller with your iPhone, turn on your PS5 and connect your controller via USB to the console. It will pair back to the PlayStation, after which you can disconnect the controller from the PS5 and attempt pairing it again with your iPhone.

Once finished using your PS5 controller on iPhone, make sure to reconnect it to your PS5, either with wires or wirelessly, as it won't reconnect automatically and will instead stay connected to your phone.

  • Can you connect PS5 controller to PS4?

    You can connect a PS4 controller to a PS5, albeit with limitations. For instance, you cannot play PlayStation 5 games with a PlayStation 4 controller. However, a PS4 console won't recognize a PS5 controller.

  • How do you connect a PS5 controller to a PC?

    You can use a PS5 controller with a PC or Mac using Bluetooth or a USB cable. When you plug the controller into the computer, it should automatically detect it. For Bluetooth, hold down the controller's PS and Share buttons until the lights start flashing to put it in pairing mode.

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