How to Connect PS4 to a TV Without HDMI

Hook up your PS4 to a non-HDMI TV

Although the price of modern televisions has decreased dramatically in the past few years, some people do not have access to TVs with an HDMI port. It can be difficult to connect a modern gaming console to an older display, but thankfully, it's entirely possible. This article will walk you through how you to connect a PS4 to a TV without HDMI, and still not lose too much quality.

Hook up a PS4 to a Non-HDMI TV With a Converter

One of the most effective and easiest ways to use a PS4 and on a TV without HDMI is to utilize an HDMI converter. This translates the signal into something the television can understand and display. That said, there are different types of HDMI converters, so you will need to determine which type you need.

  1. Check out the ports on the back/side of your television. 

    These can be anything from a coaxial input, a DVI input, composite cables, or one of many other options. A coax input looks like a threaded screw. Composite inputs are three ports for red, white, and yellow cables. A DVI input looks like what older computer monitors used to connect.

    Determine what kind of input the TV uses
  2. Plug the HDMI cable into the PS4 and the other end into the HDMI converter.

    Plug the HDMI cable into the converter.
  3. Plug the relevant cables into the converter (in this example, composite cables) and the other end into the television.

    Plug the other end of the converter cables into the TV.
  4. Switch your television to the proper input and turn on the PS4. If you see the Sony logo on screen, then you know it worked.

    You might not always need a converter. Some third-party companies produce HDMI-to-composite cables that do not use a converter. The quality cannot be guaranteed with these cables, and you may experience audio issues.

Use an HDMI to DVI Converter

HDMI and DVI are both digital signals, so if your television or monitor has a DVI input you will see better results than with one of the types of converters listed above. You should also be able to avoid loss of audio or low-quality audio like you would experience with an HDMI to composite converter.

DVI doesn't typically carry any audio signal, so this is a bit of a hit or miss solution.

  1. Plug the HDMI cable into the PS4 and then plug the other end into the DVI converter.

  2. Plug the DVI cable into the converter and then plug the other end of the DVI cable into the display or television.

  3. Switch your display to the proper input and turn on the PS4. If you see the Sony logo, then it worked. Turn up the volume and test whether sound comes through.

    If neither of these methods work, consider purchasing a new television. HDMI-compatible TVs have dropped in price and can be purchased for as little as $20 through second-hand retail outlets like Craigslist or via the Facebook marketplace. Although effective, the methods listed above are not guaranteed to work every time. Even if they do, you will not have the same quality gaming experience with a converter that you would have with a standard connection.