How to Connect PS3 Controller to a PS4

Don't buy another PS4 controller. Use a PS3 controller instead.

PS3 and PS4 controller side by side



Controllers made for the PlayStation 3 are not compatible with the PlayStation 4 by default; however, with the right hardware and software, figuring out how to connect a PS3 controller to a PS4 console is fairly straightforward.

These instructions apply exclusively to the official Sony DualShock 3 and SixAxis controllers. Other PS3 controllers may not work with the PS4.

Can You Use a PS3 Controller With a PS4 Console?

Despite what Sony claims on the PlayStation website, official PS3 controllers do work with the PS4, provided you have the right hardware. That said, the PS3 controller was not designed to work with PS4 games, so some game features might not function properly. For example, PS3 controllers lack the trackpad and share button found on the PS4's DualShock 4 controller. Nonetheless, you should have no problem using the PS3 controller with the appropriate adapter to play games designed for the PS2 or PS3.

What You Need to Pair a PS3 Controller With a PS4

You need a special controller converter to use a PS3 controller with the PS4. Sony doesn't make such adapters, so you must purchase one from a third-party. Some adapters, like the Gam3Gear Brook Super Converter, are specifically for using PS3 controllers with the PS4, but others let you use several different controllers with multiple devices. The former are generally less expensive than the latter. Each adapter comes with its own instructions and connection cables, and most of them require you to download additional software.

The Cronusmax Plus Cross Cover Gaming Adapter, which can be purchased from Amazon, is an excellent choice because it supports scripts that enable your PS3 controller to do anything a PS4 controller can do.

The Cronusmax Plus costs considerably more than a new PS4 controller, but it allows you to use your PS3 controller with other consoles and vice versa, so it's worth the investment for gamers with multiple systems.

How to Unpair a PS4 Controller With the PS4

Before you begin, you should unpair any PS4 controllers currently connected to your PS4 console.

  1. Connect the PS4 controller to the CronusMax Plus adapter using the provided mini-USB cable.

  2. Plug the CronusMax Plus into one of the PS4 console's USB ports.

  3. Turn on the PS4.

  4. From your dashboard with all of your games, scroll up and to the right, then select Settings, represented by a briefcase icon.

  5. Select Devices > Bluetooth devices.

  6. Select DualShock 4 controller from the list.

  7. Select Forget Device from the list on the right.

  8. Select OK and disconnect the PS4 controller from the CronusMax Plus.

How to Connect a PS3 Controller to a PS4 Console

Do this after you've disconnected your PS4 controllers from the PS4 console.

  1. Connect the CronuxMax Plus to your PC using the provided mini-USB cable.

    The adapter doesn't always work when plugged into blue colored USB 3.0 ports, so connect it to a USB 2.0 port if possible.

  2. Download and install the free Cronus Pro software.

  3. Open Cronus Pro, then select Tools > Options.

  4. Select the Device tab, select the box under Output Protocol, then select PS4.

  5. Select the following options:

    • Enable remote control of slot on each device
    • The device will remember the last active slot when restarted
    • Inframe Out
    • 1ms Response
    Options window in CronusMAX Plus
  6. Under Rumble Over Bluetooth, select DISABLED from the dropdown menu.

  7. Select the CMax Plus tab, then select Enable PS4 Partial crossover support.

    Enabling PS4 partial crossover support in CronusMAXPlus
  8. Select Close to exit the window and unplug the CronuxMax Plus from your PC.

  9. Plug the Cronusmax Plus back into your PS4 console.

  10. Connect your PS3 controller to the Cronusmax Plus with the mini-USB cable.

  11. The first LED light on your PS3 controller should light up, and the small screen on the CronusMax Plus should read '0.' You can now play games on your PS4 using the PS3 controller.

To properly play PS4 games with a PS3 controller, you'll need to download and set up the PS4 Crossover Essentials GamePack. Instructions can be found in the CronusMax Plus user manual.

Using a Wireless PS3 Controller on PS4

Playing PS4 games wirelessly using a PS3 controller requires a bit more set up.

  1. With the CronusMax Plus adapter plugged into your PC, open the Cronus Pro software and go to Tools > Options > Device.

  2. Set the Output Protocol to PS4 using the dropdown menu, then select the following options:

    • Enable remote control of slot on each device
    • The device will remember the last active slot when restarted
    • Automatic DualShock3 Bluetooth pairing
    • Inframe Out
    • 1ms Response
    Enabling PS3 controller support in CronusMAXPlus
  3. Under Rumble Over Bluetooth, select FULL SPEED.

  4. Select the CMax Plus tab, then select Enable PS4 Partial Crossover Support.

  5. Select Close to exit the windows, but leave Cronus Pro open.

  6. Plug the Bluetooth USB adapter that comes with the CronusMax Plus into the input port on the CronusMax Plus.

  7. In Cronus Pro, select Tools > DS3/SixAxis pairing.

  8. The DS3/SixAxis Bluetooth pairing wizard should appear. Select Next to continue.

    Bluetooth pairing in DS3
  9. Follow the instructions on the next screen by removing the Bluetooth USB adapter from the CronusMax Plus and connecting your PS3 controller to the CronusMax Plus via the mini-USB cable.

    Finding the Bluetooth MAC address in DS3
  10. When the pairing is complete, select Finish to close the window.

    Finishing pairing in DS3
  11. Disconnect the PS3 controller from the CronusMax Plus, and remove the CronusMax Plus adapter from your PC.

  12. Plug the CronusMax Plus into your PS4.

  13. Plug the Bluetooth USB adapter into the CronusMax Plus input port.

  14. Press the PS button on your PS3 controller to turn it on.

  15. The LED light on your PS3 controller should turn on, and the CronusMax Plus adapter screen should read '0.' You should now be able to play games wirelessly on your PS4 using the PS3 controller.