How to Connect Mixer to a Mac

You don't need to be on a Microsoft platform to stream with Mixer

A Macbook is open on a wooden tabletop.

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Windows introduced its streaming app (and service) Mixer some time ago in direct competition with Twitch. Until recently though, it was mostly a Windows-centric affair. Now though, with a little bit of help from a streaming app, you can stream to Mixer using your Mac.

Start Streaming With Mixer on a Mac

While streaming on Mixer with a Mac isn't as easy as doing it with Xbox One or Windows10, it can still be done. Like on Windows or the Xbox, you'll need an account on Mixer, but, when using a Mac, you'll also need to download streaming software in order to stream using your Mac. We used OBS since it's a solid program, and it's also available for absolutely free.

Once you've downloaded your program of choice, you'll need to set it up with both Mixer and your Mac. The process will vary depending on the streaming software you use, but the Mixer Broadcast Dashboard will give you a link to the specific streaming program set up. Since each program differs greatly you'll need those step by step instructions to get started.

  1. Open the Mixer Website on your Mac.

    The Mixer website is open showing featured streams on the homepage.

    Mac users will need to navigate directly to the Mixer website in order to set up a broadcast, unlike PC users who can take advantage of the Game Bar.

  2. Select the user icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

    The Mixer homepage is open with user info in the upper right corner.

    Depending on your screen resolution you may need to maximize your window or scroll to see your user icon.

  3. Select Broadcast Dashboard.

    The user options are displayed in a drop down menu.

    The Broadcast Dashboard is where all of the settings for your streams are located.

  4. Adjust the stream title and other details to fine tune your broadcast.

    The Mixer Broadcast Dashboard is displayed letting users change the name of their broadcast.

    Try to come up with a sharp title that will pull people in rather than something vague!

  5. Select Stream Setup.

  6. Click the streaming software you want to use.

    Icons to different streaming software compatible with Mixer is displayed in a row.

    If you are new to streaming, OBS is a free streaming software that is easy to use and capable of streaming with Mixer.

  7. Select Setup instructions.

    The options to set up streaming software for your broadcast are displayed.
  8. Follow the program specific instructions to start streaming!

While streaming to Mixer from your Mac isn't as intuitive as streaming from a Windows 10 computer or an Xbox, it doesn't have to be difficult either. Different broadcasting apps will give you a varying amount of control over the specs of your broadcast. If you're brand new to streaming with an app, or you want something fairly simple to use then OBS is the way to go. If you're willing to spend a few dollars and want access to more features, then XSplit is the best option.