How to Connect Google Chat and AIM

Directions to add Gtalk contacts to AIM

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In addition to Facebook Chat and ICQAIM users can add Gtalk contacts to their Buddies list. In just a few steps, you can connect Gtalk (Google Chat) and AIM in a single IM client, or add individual Gtalk friends to your contacts.

AIM was discontinued on December 15, 2017, and Google Chat was replaced by Google Hangouts. The information below is for historical reference only.

Add Gtalk Contacts to AIM

To add contacts in the Gtalk app:

  1. Go to Options > Add To Buddy List > Add Buddy. Or, press Ctrl+D.

    AIM options menu for adding buddies
  2. Select Google Talk Username, then enter a username for the contact. Choose a group to add the contact to and the account, if you have multiple AIM accounts connected.

    New Buddy screen in AIM
  3. Select More details to add the person's real name and phone number.

  4. Select Save.

  5. To verify that the Gtalk contact has been added to AIM, browse your contacts to ensure that you see them listed.

    AIM Buddies list

Connect Google Chat and AIM

If adding Gtalk contacts to AIM was easy, connecting Google Chat and AIM for seamless integration of the two IM clients is even easier.

To add access to your complete Gtalk contacts list to AIM:

  1. Go to Options > Add To Buddy List > Set up Google Talk.

    AIM options menu to set up Google Talk
  2. When asked to sign in to Gtalk from the AIM client, enter your Google Talk username and password, then choose Sign In.

    Add Google Friends prompt
  3. To verify the connection between Google Chat and AIM, choose Google Friends. You can now send and receive IMs with friends on Gtalk using the AIM IM client.

    Google Friends 0/10 on AIM