How to Connect an Android Phone to a Roku TV

You can cast, stream, or mirror content from an Android Phone right to the TV

What to Know

  • Roku App: Devices > Find and tap your Roku TV/device> Media > tap content to cast.
  • Use Android's Smart View feature to mirror your Android screen on Roku TV.

This article explains every method available to connect an Android phone to a Roku TV or Roku device connected to a regular TV. These options will work whether you want to cast content to your Roku TV or just want to mirror your device.

How to Connect Android to Roku TV With Roku App

The easiest way to connect your Android to your Roku TV or Roku device is by using the Roku app. To get started, download and install the Roku app from the Google Play store.

  1. To get started, launch the Roku app and select Devices at the bottom of the home screen.

  2. If your Roku TV or device is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Android phone, the app will find and display that available device.

  3. When you tap the device, the Roku app will establish a connection, and you'll see the word Connected appear in green. Select the Media button to see all of the available casting options from the app.

    Roku app showing main screen, a connected Roku device, and Media button
  4. Select the type of content that you want to cast to your Roku TV.

  5. Depending on the option you choose, you'll see all of the available services and apps on your phone from which you can cast that content.

  6. Select the Remote option at the bottom of the screen to connect your Android phone to your Roku TV as a virtual Roku remote control.

    Roku app showing castable media sources and the Remote button

How to Cast Video or Audio from Android to Roku TV

Another method to connect to your Roku TV or Roku device that's already connected to the same Wi-Fi network is by casting from apps that support Roku devices.

  1. One example of a popular app to connect to and cast video to Roku TV is YouTube. From any video, you can tap the Cast icon to view all available devices on your network to which you can cast.

  2. If your Roku TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Android phone, you'll see the Roku device show up in the list of available devices. Just tap that Roku device to connect to it and start casting.

    Roku app showing casting icon and list of available devices

    These services will let you connect to your Roku TV with your Android phone even if you don't have the Roku app installed on your phone.

  3. A popular app to cast audio to Roku TV is Spotify. While playing any song or album, just tap the Devices icon at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Spotify will search for and display all devices on your Wi-Fi network that you can cast music to. Select the Roku device to start casting.

    Casting from Spotify using the Roku app

    Visit Roku's setup page to learn about all services and apps that support casting to Roku TV.

How to Mirror Your Android Screen to Roku TV

You can mirror your Android screen to a Roku TV by using Android's built-in Smart View feature.

Smart View is available on Android devices with Android 4 or higher. Screen mirroring to Roku TV from an iPhone is also possible.

  1. To access the Smart View feature on Android, swipe down from the home screen to access the Control Center. If all apps don't appear, you may have to swipe down twice.

  2. Once you can see the entire Control Center, you'll need to scroll to the right until you see the Smart View icon.

  3. Tap the Smart View icon to enable the feature on your Android (if it isn't already enabled).

    Path to access Smart View in Roku app
  4. You will need to accept Location and Storage permissions to use the Smart View feature. Select Continue.

  5. The Smart View feature will open and display all Roku devices available on your Wi-Fi network that you can mirror your device to. Tap the Roku device to start mirroring your Android screen to it immediately.

    Continue button and Roku device highlighted in Roku app

    If screen mirroring isn't working, check your screen mirroring settings on your Roku TV or device. To do this, press Home on your Roku remote. Select Settings, then System, and finally Screen mirroring. There are three options to choose from: Prompt, where you'll have to confirm every mirror attempt; Always allow, where any device can connect; or Never allow, where no devices can connect. Make sure "Never allow" is not selected.

  • How do I connect a phone to a TV with USB?

    Your TV may have a USB port in it. Otherwise, you may need to use an adapter to make the connection. However, wireless solutions are usually easier, and you can do more with them.

  • How do I connect a phone to a TV with HDMI?

    You'll need an adapter to convert a cable that works with your phone to HDMI. Just like with USB, however, it will be easier to use Bluetooth or another wireless solution.

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