How to Configure a SIP Softphone App

Set up your SIP app for free and cheap calls

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You can use a SIP-based VoIP softphone app to make and receive voice calls without being tied to one specific service provider. For that, you just need a SIP account and the softphone app installed on your computer. Here is how you can configure the whole thing to get going with the VoIP calls. The steps will be quite general, X-Lite is taken as an example.

Have a SIP account

You first need to have a SIP account with a SIP provider, and that will give you credentials like username, password, SIP number and other technical information that are necessary for the configuration of your softphone app. If you just created a SIP account, make sure you have received an email with all the necessary configuration information sent to you.

Have Your Softphone All Installed 

Make sure that your softphone app is installed on your computer without problems. If there are any, troubleshooting them before proceeding. Apps like X-Lite are easy and straightforward to install.

Check Your Connection

To set up and use SIP, you need a good Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to carry your voice or video signals to and from your computer. Check if you have that, and check whether your SIP softphone app has no problems with that.

SIP settings: Whatever be the SIP softphone app you are using, there must be an option, that should be quite prominent, for configuring SIP settings. For X-Lite, just right-click anywhere on the softphone’s interface and select “SIP Account Settings…

Add New Account

With most free SIP softphones, you have the possibility of having only one SIP account configured and used. This is the case with X-Lite (the free version). If you have the possibility of using multiple accounts, click on “Add...” or anything that leads to the creation of a new SIP account.

Enter SIP Information

You will be presented with a form having fields prompting for the SIP credentials and technical information. Enter them exactly as your SIP provider has given you. Feel free to contact them or return to their site for more information. They often have an FAQ or Help section that explains SIP configuration. The typical fields you have to fill, in the case of X-Lite, are display name, username, password, authorization username, domain, and domain proxy.

Other Settings

You will want to tweak some other settings if you are a more technical person. Among these are the use of STUN servers, voicemail, presence management, and some advanced settings. These are optional and X-Lite offers tabs on the same interface for these configurations. For the STUN servers, just check ‘discover global address’ and ‘discover server’ to get the job done.


Once you click OK to confirm your configuration, you are ready to make and receive SIP calls on your softphone app. You can test your new phone by having the SIP address of a buddy who is connected and placing a phone call to them.