How to Change Settings on iOS Dolphin

A rundown of Dolphin's browser modes, settings, and options.

Dolphin is a free mobile web browser for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, as well as Android phones. While not as popular as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, Dolphin holds a loyal following for its ease-of-use, customizability, and small disk footprint.

To get the most out of Dolphin, you need to understand the different modes and settings that are available. Use this tutorial to customize Dolphin so it suits your browsing habits and preferences.

Dolphin Menu

Dolphin Menu iOS

With the Dolphin app open, select the Dolphin icon at the bottom of the screen. From the menu that pops up, you can select any of the following modes and functions. (Swipe left to see more options.)

  • Add Page: Add a webpage to your bookmarks, Speed Dial, or gesture commands.
  • Share: Share or post a webpage to social media.
  • Refresh: Reload a page.
  • Find on page: Search for specific text on a webpage.
  • Downloads: Show list of all downloaded files.
  • Sonar & Gesture: Draw a Gesture to command Dolphin to access a frequently visited site
  • Private Mode: Prevents Dolphin from saving browsing activity to your device. When activated, no browser history, cookies, cache, or login credentials will be saved.
  • Night Mode: Dims the app to prevent eye strain when browsing in the dark.
  • Classic Tab Mode: Displays all open tabs at the top of the browser window, similar to a desktop browser.
  • Desktop Mode: Displays the desktop version of websites rather than the default mobile-friendly versions.
  • Disable Image: Prevents Dolphin from loading images, limiting your data usage and allowing pages to load faster.
  • Auto Fullscreen: Hides the menu bar at the bottom of the screen when scrolling through a page.
  • Toolbox: Access any plug-ins or extensions added to Dolphin.

Browser Settings

Dolphin Browser Settings

Select the Dolphin icon at the bottom of the screen. From the menu that pops up, select the Settings menu, represented by a gear in the lower-left corner. From here you can adjust the following settings:

  • Landscape/Portrait Lock: Locks the display in place, preventing it from rotating with the device.
  • Font Size: Modify the size of text displayed within the browser. Font size can be set to Default, Medium, or Large.
  • Search Engine: Select from five search engines to use as the browser's default: Google, Yahoo! (default), Bing, Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo.
  • Link Option: Specify action for selecting links. Open in Current Tab (default) will navigate you to the selected link. Open in New Tab will navigate you to the selected link in a separate tab. Keep Default Action leaves the action up to the web page.
  • On Startup: Choose from two settings to control startup behavior: Continue where I left off (default) reloads the last page you visited. Open the new tab page opens a blank browser tab.
  • Clear Data: Choose which browser data you'd like to delete from memory: History, Cookies, Cache, Passwords.
  • Passcode on Startup: Require Touch ID or a PIN Passcode to open and use Dolphin.
  • Page Swiping Switch: Disabling will not allow you to swipe back and forth between pages.
  • Save Passwords: Recalls passwords used to access certain web pages.
  • Block Pop-ups: Prevents pop-up ads and windows from appearing on a web page.
  • Ad block: Blocks advertisements from appearing on a web page.

Dolphin Service

Dolphin connect screen

Scott Orgera 

In the Settings menu, the Dolphin Service section contains one option: Account & Sync. Dolphin's Sync Service allows you to synchronize content and settings across all devices that run Dolphin via the cloud-based Dolphin Connect service.

You can also sync and share Dolphin content with Box, Evernote, Facebook, Pocket, Twitter, and other apps. To configure these settings, select the Account & Sync, followed by the app you'd like to control.

About Us

Update dolphin browser screen

Scott Orgera 

The final section, About Us, contains the following options and information:

  • Version: Displays the current version of Dolphin Browser installed on your device.
  • Tell Us What You Think: Opens an email box that allows you to provide feedback to Dolphin support. The option pre-populates the email with information about your app version, operating system and version, and device model.
  • Rate Dolphin: Allows you to give 5 Stars on the app store or provide feedback via email.
  • Stay in The Loop: Opens a form to subscribe to Dolphin's email newsletter.
  • UX Improvement Program: Choose whether to allow Dolphin to send usage data to the Dolphin development team. This mostly anonymous data is used to improve future versions of the browser.