How to Conference Call on Android

Make free conference calls using your phone dialer app

What to Know

  • Start a call with the first person. Then tap Add call. Call the second person and tap Merge to connect the callers.
  • Repeat the process for up to five callers at once.
  • Drop individual callers by tapping Manage.

This article shows you how to conference call on Android, including how to add callers, how to drop them, and how to join a conference call yourself. The steps in this article outline the process to complete a conference call on a stock version of Android. Other Android skins and versions may differ slightly, or have varying capabilities.

How to Conference Call on Android

Android phones can handle up to five callers in a single conference call. Starting a conference call is just a matter of calling the individuals one by one and merging the calls as you go.

  1. Open your phone app.

  2. Tap on a contact or dial a number to start your first call.

  3. Once your party answers, tap Add call.


    The Add call button will remain dimmed until the party answers the call.

  4. Tap on a contact or dial a number to start your second call.

  5. Once your second party answers the call, tap Merge.

    Steps to merge calls on Android.

You can add more recipients to the call by repeating steps three, four, and five for each new caller, up to a maximum of five.

How to Drop a Call From a Three Way call on Android

If you're in a conference call, and you want to drop someone off the line, you can do so very easily.

  1. On your conference call screen, tap Manage.

  2. You will see a list of all the people currently on the call. Next to each one is a telephone icon. Tap the telephone icon next to the person you want to dismiss.

    Dropping a caller from a conference call.

Once you do that, your phone will return to the call screen leaving only those participants who remain on the call. Alternatively, callers can hang up.

At any time, if the host disconnects the call, all participants on the call will also be disconnected. If any participant other than the host hangs up, the call will continue.

How to Join a Three Way Call on Android

Joining a conference call on Android is as simple as answering the phone or making a phone call. If you are not the host of the call, you can join the conference call by answering a call from the conference call host. You can also call the host of the conference call. Either way, the host can decide to add you into the call by pressing the Merge button. 

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