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someone holding the Boox Tab Ultra tablet and stylus
Genius Idea or Total Miss? Boox Builds a Camera Into Its E-Ink Tablet
Tim Cook and Jony Ive viewing Mac Pro
That New Mac You Were Hoping for? You'll Probably Have to Wait 'Till 2023
A processor chip on a computer board.
How New Computer Chips Could Improve Your Internet Experience
iPad with blank screen and Apple Pencil on a wooden table
A Plastic iPad Could Be a Pretty Great Idea—Here's Why
The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 foldable.
Rollable Screens May Be the Next Big Thing in Tech—Here's Why
Which Laptop Are You?
What Kind of Laptop Are You? Take Our Quiz to Find Out
Apple iPadOS 16
iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura Launch With Mail and Messages Updates
person working on the new M2 iPad Pro with magic keyboard
Apple Seems a Little Confused About Its New, More Expensive iPad Lineup
Lenovo Rollable Laptop
Lenovo Teases Rolling Screens For Laptops and Phones—Here's the Scoop
M2 iPad Pro
The M2 iPad Pro Is on the Way, and It’s Bringing a 10th Gen Friend
person using the Surface Pro 9 on a table
Microsoft's Surface Pro 9 Shows That the Future Is ARM, Not Intel
Nvidia GeForce Now
Nvidia and Google Team up to Improve Cloud Gaming on Chromebooks — What to Know
Surface Pro 9
Microsoft’s New Surface Lineup Promises Snazzy Touchscreens and Powerful Chipsets
Acer Chromebook 516 GE
Acer’s Chromebook 516 GE Makes It Easier to Get Your Cloud Gaming On
Acer Swift Edge (SFA16-41)
Acer’s Latest Swift Laptop Will Keep You Secure but Won’t Weigh You Down
Pixel Tablet
Google's Upcoming Pixel Tablet Comes With a Nifty Charging Speaker Dock
Xebec Pro bundle
These New Computer Accessories Might Make It Easier for You to Work Remotely
A 2018 iPad laying facedown on a sofa cushion.
Why the 2018 iPad Pro Is Apple’s Most Overpowered Computer Ever
Someone writing on a Kindle Scribe.
Why the E-Ink Kindle Scribe Notebook Is a Huge Deal
Kindle Scribe
Amazon Teases Charming Kindle for Writing With Pen That Never Needs Charging
K380 Bluetooth keyboard for Mac, in the new Blueberry colorway
Check Out These Mac Versions of Your Favorite Logitech Accessories
Framework Chromebook
Framework Says This New Chromebook Can Be Upgraded as Much as You Want
Fire HD 8 Plus tablet
Amazon Lights a Flame Under the Fire HD 8 With Four New Tablets
Windows 11 Update
New Windows 11 Update Finally Adds Better Touch Gestures and More
LG Ultra 17
LG's New Laptops Offer Cool Tech to Track Movements, Blur Screens, and More
A closeup on someone putting an Amazon Kindle in their pocketbook.
Amazon’s Basic Kindle Adds New Features, So Might Finally Be Pleasant to Use
A technician repairing a smartphone.
AppleCare+ Was Already Popular But One Change Could Make People Love It
Amazon Kindle
Amazon's Entry-Level Kindle Gets a Pleasing Refresh With Major Stat Boosts
Made by Google Pixel
Google Reveals Pixel Event for October 6 - What to Know
Someone sitting at a table reading the Kobo Clara E2 while drinking coffee.
How Kobo's Clara 2E Could Make You Regret Your Kindle Paperwhite Purchase
The Asus Zenbook 17 Fold.
Folding Laptop Screens, for When 13 Inches Won’t Cut It
Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro tablet
Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro Promises to Handle Whatever You Dish Out—What to Know
Asus Zenbook Fold
Get Your Crease On—Asus Launches the Zenbook 17 Fold OLED Tablet
Person playing on a gaming computer with two monitors
You'll Soon Be Able to Pick Out a Good Gaming Monitor At a Glance
HP Dragonfly Folio G3 three modes
HP’s New Devices Are Here to Make Hybrid Work Better for Everyone
Laptop with open case and a card that says "Repair is noble"
Apple Makes It Difficult to Replace M1 Mac Batteries
Acer. Vero
Acer Bets Big on Green - Launches New Eco-Friendly Laptops
A speaker cone with water dancing on it from sound vibration.
A Song Can Crash Your Hard Drive? It Happens More Than You Think
Apple Self Repair
Right to Repair Win - Apple Opens up Self Repair to Mac Laptops
LG DualUp 2 monitor
Stacked and Vertical Monitors Are Turning Into the Next Big Thing
Someone working on a MacBook computer that displays System preferences.
The All-New System Settings in MacOS Ventura Will Frustrate You—Here's Why
Someone sitting at a desk in a office with nine monitors connected to their computer.
How a Bigger Screen Can Boost Your Productivity
Someone using a laptop computer at a table in their home to conduct a video call.
Why Mac Users Should Uninstall the Zoom App Right Now
Parallels Desktop 18 now compatible with Apple's M1 and M2 chips
You Can Now Run Windows 11 on macOS Without Much Effort
The new iPad Air alongside the iPad Pro, iPad (9th generation), and iPad mini
Why Apple's iPad Should Finally Embrace MagSafe
M1 Mac mini partially hidden behind a display
An M2 Pro Mac mini Would Keep Apple’s Smallest Computer Relevant
Apple Silicon ExpressVPN
ExpressVPN Gets a Boost on M1 and M2 Macs
Samsung iFixit
Samsung Jumps on the Right to Repair Train
person working on an M2 MacBook Air
Why Apple Moving Away From Intel Is Good for Everyone
Chromebook Video Editor
Step Up Your Video Editing With Chromebook's New Software Suite
Assorted Apple products
Apple Kicks Off Tax-Free Sales in Some States
A MacBook computer with the lid partially open displaying a colorful screen reflecting on the keyboard.
Why the M1 MacBook Air Might Still Be Apple’s Most Practical Laptop
Person using macbook air m2 in a library
M2 MacBook Air’s Lack of Traditional Cooling Should Be Fine, Experts Say
Headwolf WPad1
Power Supply Company Headwolf Readies Its First Android 12 Tablet
Alienware m17 R5 laptop
Alienware Releases First 480Hz Display Gaming Laptop
Close-up of logo for Google Chrome on the corner of a compact Google Chromebook laptop on a light wooden desk surface
ChromeOS Flex May Struggle to Appeal to Everyday People
Someone working on a System76 Linux laptop.
Linux Pre-Installed Laptops Probably Aren’t Enough to Get the OS More Visibility
Apple M2 MacBook Air
The M2 MacBook Air Is Perfect for Almost Everyone
MacBook Air M2 profile in four colors
You Won’t Have to Wait Much Longer for an M2 MacBook Air