Computer Hardware Install Videos

Professional video demonstrations of desktop PC hardware installs/replacements

Man repairing computer

Rostislav_Sedlacek / Getty Images

Step by step directions you can print out and use are wonderful but, for many things, nothing beats someone actually showing you the process.

And so it is when you're installing or replacing computer hardware.

With Lifewire's help, we've partnered with some techie folks that don't mind being in front of the camera (people harder to find than you'd imagine) to help demonstrate some of the most common hardware replacement tasks in free, professional, and easy to follow videos.

Some others are from YouTube. These are really good videos, though, and ones we frequently send to clients and readers when they need a little extra help.

It doesn't matter if you're planning a small task like adding a second hard drive or something much more extensive like a whole motherboard replacement, these videos will show you everything you need to know to get the job done right - and fast!

Hard Drive

VIdeo screenshot of the RamCity SSD Installation
© RamCity / YouTube

In this great, 4 1/2 minute YouTube video by Rob of RamCity, you'll learn how to install a new SSD-based hard drive into your desktop computer.

Installing a new hard drive is great when you need extra space. This particular video demonstrates the installation of an SATA style drive, but older, PATA style drives install in basically the same way.

If you plan on replacing your primary drive (i.e. the one that Windows or your other operating system is installed on), you'll also need to copy all the data from your old drive to your new one, a process called cloning.


Video screenshot of a PCIe video card replacement by DIY Tech
© DIY Tech / YouTube

In this 5 1/2 minute YouTube video, Brian demonstrates the whole process involved in replacing a PCIe-based video card.

While this is certainly one of the easier pieces of hardware to install or replace in a computer system, it still might be a bit scary for you, especially if this is your first experience inside the case.

PCIe cards go in and out the same way that other expansion cards do, including PCI and AGP ones. This means that you can use the fundamentals in this video when replacing or adding other things, too, like USB cards, network cards, or other expansion cards.

Power Supply

Video screenshot of a power supply installation

In this short, 1 1/2 minute video, you'll learn how to physically install a new power supply, as well as some general advice on connecting the right power cables to the right internal devices.

If you've tested your power supply and it's not providing the power it should, or any at all, replacing it, not repairing it, is the way to go, and as this video shows, it's super easy to do.

You won't see the removing of an old power supply in this particular video, but that's very easy. Just remove all the power connections from the existing internal devices and then unscrew, and remove, the actual PSU.

Central Processing Unit

Video screenshot of a CPU replacement

In this short, 2-minute video, you'll learn how to replace a standard, square-shaped CPU (like those you'll find from Intel).

You've probably heard that the CPU is the "brains" of your computer. You may have also heard that they're sensitive and you should never mess with one.

True... you shouldn't remove it for no reason, or take it out and play with it (who would do that?), but if you need to replace one, or you want to upgrade yours, go for it!


Video screenshot of a motherboard replacement by TingaWinga
© TingaWinga / YouTube

In this very well done, 7 minute YouTube video, @Tingawinga shows you how to replace your desktop computer motherboard.

When your motherboard fails, your computer is useless. Replacing it, however, can seem impossible. That giant board connects to everything, much of which you may not have the slightest idea about what it does.

Do not worry! This fantastic video will walk you through every single step.