Composure: Tom's Mac Software Pick

Create Collages or Enhance Photos with Fun Filled Stickers and Frames

Composure collage and image editor
Courtesy of Stuck Pixel, Inc.

Composure from Stuck Pixel Studios is a simple image-editing app that can add a touch of whimsy to photos. If you think your cat would look more dignified in a top hat and mustache (and really, what cat wouldn't?), Composure can help you turn a somewhat stodgy image into a silly one. Not that we’d ever call a cat stodgy, of course.


  • Built-in image library.
  • Over 50 different layouts to choose from.
  • 30 filters to perk up your images.
  • Large selection of frames, which you can customize.
  • Smart Stickers for adding a bit of whimsy.
  • Easy way to add text to your photos.


  • Many of the stickers are only available via an in-app purchase.
  • Sticker editing can be difficult when multiple stickers overlap.

Composure is an app that can help you add a bit of fun to the many pictures of pets, friends, and kids that are languishing in your photo collection. What could be funnier than seeing your dog wearing glasses and a bowtie, looking like a kindly professor ready to engage his students?

The beauty of Composure is how easily it lets you become a master of manipulating photos to produce outstanding results.

Using Composure

Composure uses a standard single-window interface, broken into four main sections. Center stage is the editing pane. To the right is a photo library, from which you can drag and drop an image you want to work on.

You can also select multiple photos from the photo library, and create all kinds of collages.

The left-hand pane contains the five main tools you'll use to edit your images. The Layout tool lets you select the number of images that will be in your creation, as well as how each image will be arranged.

You can use Filters to apply a preset color cast to an image. Choose one of the Frames to surround your picture with style, or wacky colors and patterns. Stickers are pre-made items, such as hats, glasses, mustaches, and bunny ears, that you can add to an image. Finally, you can use Composer to add a funny caption, thought bubble, or any other text you have in mind.

The bottom also contains a small pane that includes some of the basic controls, such as printing, saving, sharing to mail, messages, and just about any social platform with which you have an account.

You start by selecting a layout, which determines the general shape and number of images that you'll include, from one to many. Next, drag the images from the right-hand library pane to the center. Besides being able to access any photos on your Mac, you can also import images from your Facebook account, as well as iCloud’s Photo Stream.

Once you have the image(s) you're going to work on in the center pane, it's time to have fun. If you want to add a color cast to the image, the Filter tool will give you a hand, but it’s the Stickers and Text tools that are really fun. Stickers are small images that you drag on top of the center image.

Want to give your sister a mustache? Simply drag the mustache sticker under her nose, and then adjust the size and placement of the sticker to make it look its best.

Think a top hat will look good on your dog? No problem; just drag, drop, and adjust. You can use as many stickers as you wish; the only downside is that some sticker categories, such as Halloween stickers, are only available as an in-app purchase.

Adding text is as easy as adding stickers. Select a font and size, enter the desired text, and then drag the results onto your photo.

Final Thoughts

Composure is fun and easy to use, and can help you bring new life to photos you may have forgotten about.

Once you get used to using Composure, you may be thinking about the photos you take in a new light.

Composure is free from the Mac App store. There are in-app purchase options.

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Published: 9/5/2015