The Complete List of Twitch Commands

Use all of these Twitch chat commands to stand out from other viewers

Twitch’s chatrooms are a great way for streamers and viewers to connect with one another but there’s a lot more to them than simply typing words and triggering Twitch emotes. By entering Twitch chat commands, users can activate a variety of functions such as changing font color, opening user profiles, and even blocking troublesome trolls.

Text commands in Twitch

Twitch Chat Commands Availability

Twitch chat commands are essentially just text that can be entered into a chat on any platform that supports the Twitch video game streaming service. This means that you can enter chat commands when viewing a Twitch stream via the Twitch website, on an Xbox or PlayStation console, and on the official iOS and Android Twitch apps.

Twitch commands are native to the Twitch platform which means that your Valorant chat commands and your Minecraft chat commands won’t work here.

Twitch Chat Commands List

Below is a complete list of all of the officially recognized Twitch chat commands that can be used by all users including the channel owner and the average viewer.

All of the below chat commands must be preceded by a forward slash (/) for them to work. There should be no space between the forward slash and the chat command.

For example:


While Twitch emotes are also technically triggered by chat commands, they work a little differently and summon an image or animated GIF rather than activating a specific function.

Command Description
mods Displays a list of all of the moderators in the chat.
vips Displays a list of all of the VIPs in the chat.
color {color name} Changes the color of your username within the chat. Available colors are Blue, Coral, DodgerBlue, SpringGreen, YellowGreen, Green, OrangeRed, Red, GoldenRod, HotPink, CadetBlue, SeaGreen, Chocolate, BlueViolet, and Firebrick.
color {color HEX value} Same as the above but HEX color values can be used instead of color names.
block {username} Using this will prevent you from seeing messages from a specific user.
unblock {username} Use this to unblock someone you've previously blocked.
me {type anything here} Use this before typing to change your message's color to that of your name. This isn't recommended as many streamers don't like this being abused.
disconnect This chat command will stop the Twitch chat from refreshing. You can reconnect to the chat by reloading the window.
w {username} {text} Use this chat command to send a private message to another chat user.

Chat Commands for Twitch Mods

In addition to the above chat commands for viewers, there are also numerous additional commands that can be used by moderators and channel owners. While streamers and mods can also use the regular commands, their unique list of Twitch chat commands are much more powerful and can control many aspects of a Twitch broadcast.

Bots and Custom Twitch Chat Commands

When watching a Twitch stream, you may sometimes see new or unusual chat commands popping up that don’t appear on the list above. These are often created by a chatbot that the channel owner has connected to their account. Such chatbots can be used to add extra functionality to a Twitch chat by adding extra features or even creating a game within the chat itself for viewers to participate in.

The connected chatbot will usually mention what its special chat commands are either when you begin viewing the Twitch stream or on a set timed interval. It would be unwise to list them here as they can vary greatly depending on what chatbot service is used and what settings the streamer has activated or deactivated.

Here’s the official chat command lists for the most popular Twitch chatbots:

Twitch Streamer Discord Chat Commands

Many popular Twitch streamers use Discord as a place to connect with their followers and subscribers one-on-one or in group discussions. Like Twitch, Discord also supports the installation of chatbots for extra functionality and the variety is absolutely massive.

Some Discord bots enable chat commands that let users play role-playing games while others allow members to play music directly from Spotify or YouTube.

While some Discord servers may be connected to a Twitch channel, you can’t use chat commands from Twitch on the Discord service or vice versa.

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