Samsung Apps for Smart TVs and Blu-Ray Disc Players

Samsung Apps Takes TV Viewing to a New Level

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you are familiar with the concept of "apps". However, did you know that your TV or Blu-ray disc player can have apps too? One example of apps use on TVs and Blu-ray disc players are Samsung Apps. Samsung Apps take TV viewing to a new level by bringing useful and fun internet content (such as Netflix) and activities (shopping and games) to your home theater viewing experience. For all the information you need to know about what Samsung Apps are and how to use them, check out the following four-article series, written by contributing writer, Barb Gonzalez, that takes you step-by-step through the world of Samsung Apps.

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What Are Samsung Apps?

Is your TV smart? Samsung has helped to change the way you interact with your TV (and Blu-ray disc player) by incorporating a feature known as Samsung Apps. The Samsung Smart TV concept is not only a networked TV that can access online movie content, such as Netflix, but can also access content that can enhance your lifestyle. Find out what Samsung Apps are, and how taking advantage of this feature available on Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray disc players can make your daily activities more fun and efficient...Read more.

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How To Use Samsung Apps

Samsung's Smart TVs and Blu-ray disc players have apps like you might find on a smart phone. However,it may not be immediately evident how to find Samsung Apps on your new Samsung TV or Blu-ray disc aplayer.  Alas, there is no Samsung Apps button on the remote. However, using Samsung Apps is easy. Find out how to access the apps, set up an account, buy app cash, purchase, and download apps...Read more.

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Types of Samsung Apps

There are over 200 Samsung Apps available for users of Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray Disc players. There are apps for shopping, travel, sports, health and fitness, and even fun games for the whole family. Find out more about the types of available apps and get the scoop about which apps are good and which apps you might not want...Read more.

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The Best Samsung Apps

With over 200 Apps to choose from on your new Samsung Smart TV or Blu-ray Disc Player, there are undoubtedly some that you probably are more interested in than others. Check out some of the most popular and fun apps as reported by contributing writer, Barb Gonzalez...Read more.

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Samsung Announces Five Million TV App Downloads

Dateline 5/28/11: Five Million Samsung TV Apps have been downloaded so far proving that the demand for Smart TV apps is rising. For all the details on which apps are the most popular and what this means to other Smart TV manufacturers, read the report: Samsung Announces Five Million TV App Downloads.
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Samsung Smart TV Apps Now Exceed 10 Million Downloads

Dateline 10/13/11: Samsung has announced that its Smart TV Apps have now reached the 10 million download milestone. For more details, read our updated report.