Company Sends First-Ever Text From Space to a Smartphone

One Android phone received the space-based message

Why This Matters:

Companies like Lynk are launching satellites that connect the world and now we know they can connect to our phones.

Satellite in space
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Texts from space is now a thing. Last month, a small satellite company called Lynk received the world’s first text message on an Android phone directly from a low-earth orbit satellite.

Wait, What? Sure, you can currently receive texts from virtually anywhere in the world, but they’re sent from phone to cell towers to servers and back out to cell towers. This test, which Lynk conducted on the Falkland Islands on February 24, was an Emergency Alert Test message generated by one of its nanosatellites.

And we need this, why? Lately, there’s been a race to launch arrays of tiny satellites that will connect the world, potentially offering connectivity and even Internet access to underserved areas. SpaceX has launched hundreds of satellites in recent years. In fact, Lynk has launched its satellites on SpaceX rockets.

Lynk test
The moment when the Android phone received a text from space.  Lynk

Phone from space. Even so, Lynk is the first company to put, essentially, a cell tower in orbit. “This is a critical verification of our revolutionary radio access network technology’s ability to compensate for the effects of placing the cell tower in orbit, which mobile standards were not designed for,” said Tyghe Speidel, Lynk inventor, Co-founder, and Vice President of Technology.

What’s next: The long-term goal is to provide universal broadband connectivity to the billions of people who have phones, but limited access to wireless signals. In particular, Lynk hopes to create an Everyone Everywhere Emergency system that, using their satellites, can provide alerts to remote islands, people on the oceans, and rural areas.

Bottom Line: Perhaps nothing has reminded us of the importance of constant connectivity like the COVID-19 outbreak. Lynk’s news technology and breakthrough experiment could make the possibility of every single person connected in times of need a reality.

Via: Android Authority

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