Common Pay Models for Blogging Jobs

What Kind of Pay Do Blogging Jobs Offer?

Most blogging jobs pay bloggers using one of the five common methods described below. Remember, always determine the amount of time it will take you to complete the work required for the blogging job then calculate the hourly rate the blogging job will actually pay you based on the pay scale offered to you. Make sure you only accept blogging jobs that will offer you the pay and experience you want and need.

Per Post Pay

Many blogging jobs will pay you a flat fee for each post you write and publish. Beware of blogging jobs that offer a per post fee with caveats that only "approved" posts will be published or a similar restriction that might mean your efforts could go unpaid.

Monthly Flat Pay Rate

Some blogging jobs will pay you a flat rate each month. Typically, you'll have requirements to meet in order to earn that pay such as a predetermined number of posts must be published each month.

Per Post Pay or Monthly Flat Rate + Page View Bonus

Many of the best blogging jobs and networks pay bloggers a flat rate per post or when monthly requirements are met plus a bonus based on the number of page views the blog receives each month. For example, a blogging job might offer you a bonus for every 1,000 page views or for incremental increases over the previous month's page views.

Page Views Only

This is a risky payment method for a blogger to accept because so much of the pay is out of the blogger's control. Certainly, bloggers can promote their posts through social bookmarking, social networking, commenting and so on, but a great deal of blog traffic can be tied to the blog's layout, coding, advertising, and more, which the blogger can't control. Don't fall victim to pie-in-the-sky claims of enormous traffic and page views from a new blog or blogging network. For an established blog, take the time to research that blog's Technorati, Google and Alexa page ranks to get an idea of whether or not traffic claims are accurate before you accept a blogging job that pays for page views only.

Revenue Sharing

A blogging job that pays you based on revenue sharing alone, is typically not a good deal for the blogger. While that's not always the case, it's more often true than false. In simplest terms, under this payment agreement, the blogger receives a percentage of advertising revenue generated on the blog. Typically, those advertising methods are the same you could use on your personal blog. The hope is that the blog has the potential to generate more page views, faster than you could generate on your personal blog, thus the pay would be better than if you simply monetized your own blog. Sometimes revenue sharing is combined with another payment method, but when it's the only form of payment offered, be very cautious.

Annual Salary

Although uncommon, some private and company-owned blogs are so popular that they require full time writers to keep up with the demand for content. Therefore, it is possible to find a blogging job that offers a full-time salary with all of the benefits you'd expect with a full-time job.