Common Hosting Issues and Ideas to Tackle Them

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Frequently Encountered Hosting Problems With New Businesses

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When you start a web hosting company, one of the most frequently encountered problems is cap on bandwidth when you don't want it to happen. Bad things always happen when you really need some space to breathe, isn't it? Well, when you start a new hosting company, and get some customers, you should be prepared to accommodate bandwidth requirements when you experience sudden upsurge in bandwidth usage.

If you've got a reseller or VPS account, you should consider upgrading your plan, or opting for a dedicated server right away. However, on the other hand, if you decide to set-up your own infrastructure, then things could get tricky.

When you wish to increase your bandwidth capacity, usually there's a downtime involved, which may frustrate your customers. But, with solid planning, and good back-up, you should be able to complete the upgrade process effortlessly. ServInt's recent upgrades with zero downtime were the perfect examples for new hosting companies.

The most important thing to remember is that you must be prepared for accommodating unusually high bandwidth requirements at all points of time, if you don't want to lose your credibility, and annoy your customers.

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Planning Things in Advance

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Doing a quick upgrade just to meet the immediate needs is far different from long term planning, and doing a massive upgrade in a strategic manner. Remember, network integration, and infrastructural expansion always comes along with unexpected hiccups, and odd moments that can adversely affect your business.

Moreover, you must continuously look at your long term goals, and set realistic targets for each fiscal year, so that minimal surprises come your way.

Furthermore, you must constantly keep adding more storage space, so that you don't need to shell out a huge sum of money at once, when you starting running out of space.
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Maintaining Your Rapport in Terms of Technical/Customer Support

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Technical support, and customer support is the most crucial aspect of web hosting business, and if you fail to keep your customers happy in this regard, then setting-up even the best infrastructure in the world becomes utterly useless!

If you've a small size team of customer support representatives, you must always ensure that you've got few back-up resources to take charge, should your regular staff members be unavailable for some reason.

Delay in responding to simple e-mail queries of your customers can mean some serious trouble in most of the cases; you don't want to mess things up, do you?

Lastly, it's also highly recommended to keep an automated live chat support system to impress your customers without keeping too many customer/tech support staff members.

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Dealing With Downtimes In Case of Reseller/VPS Hosting

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If you've got a reseller hosting, or VPS account from a reliable firm, you should also be prepared for downtimes! Remember, your customers don't know that you've taken a reseller account, and don't have the required infrastructure, so the last thing that you want is your customers to realize that your company can't handle such adverse situations.

To tackle such situations, it's recommended to have a back-up reseller account with another host; possibly you may want to host some static websites, low traffic blogs, and small web apps on that back-up hosting account to get the bang for your buck. So, there you have some of the common hosting ​issues, and ideas to tackle them, so as to successfully run a web hosting company with minimum hiccups.

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