COMCAST Makes The Leap To 4K With New Cable Set-top Box

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Dateline: 05/08/2015
If you are a COMCAST cable subscriber and also own a 4K Ultra HD TV, things just got a little more exciting as the "popular" cable service has announced the forthcoming availability of the 4K Ultra HD set-top box (the Xi4) that will provide access to a host of 4K TV and movie programming via the Comcast X1 platform. Up until now, 4K content from COMCAST was only available on select Samsung 4K UHD TVs via a special streaming App.

In addition, for those that purchase/own 4K Ultra HD TVs with HDR (High Dynamic Range capability, another set-top box, the Xi5, will be available sometime in 2016.

In order to attract subscribers to the upgraded capabilities offered by the two new set-top boxes, Comcast is planning to add a host of content, including several IMAX travel and nature films (including The Ultimate Wave Tahiti, Antarctica, Rocky Mountain Express, Fighter Pilot and Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia) and popular cable TV shows (Defiance, Playing House, Satisfaction, Suits, Outlander, and Power) that were, or are, currently filmed in 4K to their on-demand library.

Even though TV makers are really pushing consumers to make the jump to 4K, so far there hasn't been a lot of 4K content available to take full advantage of the capabilities of these sets. Other than Netflix on the streaming side, and Dish on the satellite side, broadcast and cable have been very slow to embrace 4K (in fact, it will still be several years before over-the-air 4K TV broadcasts will be available, if at all) so the Comcast announcement is definitely welcome news, especially with the added prospect of providing access to HDR-encoded content a possibility.

For the rest of the details on the COMCAST 4K strategy available so far (which isn't much) - read the Official COMCAST Announcement.

Stay tuned as more info becomes available.

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