How to Combine Multiple JPEGs Into One PDF

Choose your images and print them as a PDF, or use an online tool like JPG to PDF converter in a web browser

What to Know

  • On Windows, highlight the images, right-click, and select Print. Set the Printer to Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • On Mac, open all the images in the Preview app and select File > Print > Save as PDF.
  • Alternatively, use an online tool like JPG to PDF converter in a web browser.

This article explains how to combine multiple JPEGs into one PDF on Windows and Mac.

Make Multiple JPEGs Into One PDF on Windows

Follow these steps to merge multiple images into one PDF on Windows:

  1. Put all images in the same folder and order them the way you want them to appear in the PDF. To do this, you rename the files in alphanumerical order.

    If you have a lot of images, you can batch rename files.

  2. Highlight your images by clicking-and-dragging or hold down the Ctrl key and select the images one by one.

  3. Right-click on any highlighted image and select Print.

    If you don't see Print, select Show more options.

    Print in context menu on Windows 10
  4. Under Printer, choose Microsoft Print to PDF.

    If you don't see Microsoft Print To PDF as an option, you need to set up print to PDF in your Windows settings. On Windows 7 and 8, you need to install a PDF creator like doPDF.

    Microsoft Print to PDF in Windows 10 Printer dialog
  5. Adjust the image quality and choose from the layout options on the right side. Select Options if you want to sharpen the image. If your images appear cut off in the preview, uncheck the Fit picture to frame box.

    Page layout options and Fit picture to frame in Windows 10 Printer dialog
  6. Select Print, then enter a name for the PDF and choose where you want to save it. Select Save to finish.

    Print in the Windows 10 Print dialog

You now have a PDF file containing all your images you can print or attach to an email.

Websites like the JPG to PDF converter tool also let you upload images and then download a PDF.

Combine Images Into a PDF on a Mac

The easiest way to combine images in a PDF on Mac is using the Preview app.

  1. Open your images in the Preview app. Hold down the CMD key as you make your selection to choose multiple images, then right-click and select Open with > Preview.

    Preview in the Finder context menu on Mac
  2. Click-and-drag the photos in the sidebar to rearrange their order. When you're satisfied, select File > Print.

    File > Print in the Preview App on Mac
  3. In the PDF drop-down menu, choose Save as PDF.

    Alternately, choose Send in Mail to send the PDF to someone directly as an email attachment.

    Save as PDF in Mac Printer dialog
  4. Give the PDF file a name, choose a location to save it to, and select Save.

    Save in the Mac Printer dialog

When you open the PDF, you can add more images by dragging them into the document. To delete an image, right-click it and select Move to Trash.

  • How do I put multiple JPEGs into one ZIP file?

    To create a ZIP file in Windows, right-click a blank space on the desktop and select New > Compressed (zipped) Folder. Then, name the folder and drag and drop the JPEG files onto it to compress them. On a Mac, move the JPEGs to one folder, right-click the folder, and select Compress in the pop-up menu.

  • How do I save multiple images as one JPEG?

    One way to save multiple pictures as a single JPEG file is to create a picture from a PowerPoint slide. After inserting the images onto a single slide, select the slide, go to File > Save As (PC) or File > Export (Mac), and save it as a JPEG. Alternatively, you can go to a third-party app, such as Aspose Merge JPG to JPG, and combine the files.

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