Review: Coloud Brings 'The Boom' With Light Headphone

The Boom melds affordability with extra features

Coloud Boom headphones

Photo from Amazon

When mulling the available choices for headphones, consumers are often faced with a choice between affordability and performance. Ideally, the best ones offer a good mix of both — which is exactly what Coloud appears to be going for with its latest headphone entry, “The Boom.”

After initially launching for $39, Coloud has since lowered the price. This further positions the Boom within the budget headphone category for folks who value affordability. Despite some difference with the C22 cans, the Boom retains the same design cues, most notably its headband shape. It also piles on some extra features that improve on the C22.

Headphone Features

Sound quality, for example, is better and the Boom’s volume can also be pushed pretty high without any noticeable distortion. Another key addition is the inclusion of a mini panel that comes with a control button. Pressing the button once lets users either play or pause a track from a compatible music player. A double tap allows users to skip one track forward while quickly tapping the button three times makes the player skip a track back. Included in the same mini panel is a microphone that can be used for phone calls when connected to a smartphone. If you happen to be listening to music while a call comes in, you can press the control button once and you’ll automatically pick it up. It works with both my iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Another nice addition is its “Zound Lasso” feature that allows you to use the rubber around the headphone jack to coil and lock. This, combined with the linguini-style flat wiring allows you to fold your wires more neatly for storage, which is a very useful feature, especially when you’re on the go.

Design and Comfort

The fit of the headphones is comfortable and snug. The Boom is very lightweight, and won’t fatigue your head and neck as much as heavier headsets. The ear cups aren’t big enough to fit around the user’s ear, but the padding for this over-the-ear headphone is soft and cushy. The design itself has an IKEA vibe to it, and therein lies one of the issues with Coloud’s Boom. In one sense its modern minimalism looks good with its clean lines and simple appearance, especially in tandem with the wide range of available colors. At the same time, it also seems cheap and flimsy, particularly around the headband area. This potentially could be an issue for folks who are rough with their headphones or like to lie down in bed with their headset on. Also, while the sound is improved and clearer compared to the C22, it’s still a bit muffled compared to some other headphones available.

Despite its drawbacks, the Coloud Boom offers pretty good sound for the price as well as a noteworthy list of features. If you’re careful with your headphones and don’t mind the Boom’s IKEA-style design aesthetic, then it’s worth looking into for folks in the market for an affordable headset.

Final rating: 3.5 stars out of 5