Color Splash: Select the Color in Your Life

Times Square Olaf (2016) - Color Splash. Brad Puet

Mobile photography has been around since about 2009.  Back then there were apps that were not as sophisticated as the apps that are out in the App Store, Google Play, or Windows Market.

It was early in the photography app ecosystem. Generally any thing that came out was downloaded, used, and you can pretty much find out about it on Instagram or Posterous.  The community reviewed these apps heavily.

One of the apps that are still out and has withstood the test of time as well as inundation of apps in the ecosystem, is Color Splash (iPhone / iPad).  I believe that the reason why the app has done so well and remains in peoples mobile camera bags is because its specialty is so focused. It does selective desaturation.

What is selective desaturation? It basically is the ability to remove certain colors from an image.  This can be useful and it definitely helps in making images fun and pop.  So much so that not only can you do this in Adobe Photoshop but you can do the same now in high-end cameras. Color Splash does this all on your iPhone and does it really well. 

So Tell Me More

When you open Color Splash, it automatically desaturates your whole photo. You can then put the color in where you would like to see it.  At first I did not necessarily find this was very helpful because I like to know where the color is right away.

 After awhile, I found that it is the best way to do this.  You get to see how your image is in monotone and you get to throw the color back in there. Genius.

For example the image of Olaf (from the Disney movie Frozen) in Times Square that I took earlier this year.  As far as color goes, Times Square is as colorful as it gets.

New York taxi cabs, comic book characterizations, neon flashing lights; Times Square is as crazy as it is in the movies.  It is awesome.

Well Olaf here is obviously the subject of my photo.  He has simple, prime colors.  I wanted to make sure that those colors are what stands out in the image. In order to do so, I took out all the color in the background to achieve this look.

How Responsive is the App

The reason why ColorSplash is a high recommendation from me is not because of its ability to desaturate parts of an image.  I love this app because I believe that all of its user interface abilities should be standard across all photography apps.

You can select parts of the image using a brush tool.  This tool is very similar to the paintbrush in Adobe Photoshop.  The brushes can be changed as far as the size, softness, and opacity.  At the bottom of the edit space, you will find: pan/zoom - color - gray.  These are the features of this app.  The pan/zoom is awesome.  You can zoom in VERY close and really get detailed in what pixels should have color or not.  This is my favorite part of the app.  Sure it desaturates. The key is to make sure that it is done well.  In order to do so, you need to get zoom close.

 Color Splash does it the best.

Word Up! My Final Word!

I have already stated how much I love this app. I have had this app in my camera bag since my first iPhone which was a 3G. Color Splash is a fun and addictive way to view photos in your iPhone in a different light.

I highly recommend this to you all.