Colocation: Hosting for the Next Generation

hosting colocation

Colocation is turning out to be a site that’s used to a greater extent by those small businesses wanting their own site with little costs and a small IT team. If a company wants to buy its own web server, it can do so and position it in the rack of a web host, which helps the company to save some storage space. Since the used bandwidth is included in the hosting package, businesses need not worry much about it.

The web host will also provide the server power, IP address, and ensure continuous availability of resources round-the-clock.

The best part is that web hosts offer a lot to the server as well as the company possessing it. Drawing the bandwidth of the host is much cheaper and easier than purchasing it every time or borrowing it from the host. 

There’s one feature that a business shouldn’t overlook when seeking a colocation host and that’s the amount of power provided by the host. There are several reasons for this, the first being that the web servers need plenty of power for staying up for 24-hours. The price is very high if a company has to store the server on its own, but it’s much cheaper with colocation hosting. 

Power supply is a very important feature when aspects like blackouts or power outages step in. If there’s a power cut, your site would be closed down; if your website is of an e-commerce kind the monetary losses could be vast.

So, it’s a good idea to opt for colocation web hosting.  

An Insight into Colocation

In today’s world of internet, websites are very much crucial to every business, be it big or small. However, the website would be of no use if it isn’t up and running devoid of issues. 

Selecting a reliable web hosting service can be one of the toughest decisions to make for a business.

Reputed hosting service providers often come with significant price tag, while the lesser known or newer companies may not be dependable. Colocation steps in at this point, particularly for large companies. 

Advantages of Colocation

Colocation comes with a host of advantages as listed below.

If you lack the space needed to keep a server, colocation is at the benefiting end as it saves out on the storage space as the business just has to buy a web hosting server and install it in the host’s rack. 

The next advantage comes in the form of bandwidth consumption. Businesses need not worry about bandwidth as it is included as a part of the hosting package. 

Power consumption is yet another upside of collocation. Since colocation also includes backup generators to handle power failure issues, businesses need not worry about disastrous power cuts. 

Businesses can save lot of data without paying extra as it can install its own racks. 

Are You Seeking a Service to Host Your Website?

Hosting a website without any downtime issues is very important for every business and deciding upon the right provider is an even bigger problem, especially considering the hosting expenses, reliability and other such vital factors.

This is where colocation can be helpful as it’s a one-time expenditure for a business.  Though the initial investment may be high, the benefits outweigh the expenses. Some of the advantages are:

Colocation provides advanced servers that ensure reliability and advanced safety protocols. Businesses no longer need to be concerned about the site being up 24/7/365.

Servers consume plenty of power and space. If a host is allowed to handle these technicalities, businesses can avoid external business expenses. The storage space is not limited as the businesses own the server racks. Allowing them to use as much data as required.


A majority of the colocation centers provide data recovery services. In the event of a catastrophe, data protection is ensured. In fact, the hosting provider may also offer the website’s available cached copy during downtime, thus ensuring that there’s no financial loss to the business.