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Coletta Teske is a freelance writer. She started writing content for large and small businesses more than 30 years ago. Coletta writes informational and educational content that appears in blog posts, how-to guides, presentations, newsletters, video scripts, training manuals and white papers.


Coletta began her freelance writing career on Black Monday 1987. She saw her opportunities in the financial industry fall as the tech industry in Seattle began to rise. So she leveraged her financial writing skills into a technical writing contract at a major bank.

Since then, she’s worked on a variety of writing projects at Adobe, Boeing, GTE, Microsoft and other tech companies. She’s written monitoring procedures for network administrators, disaster plans for worldwide computer networks, reference manuals for software applications and research reports for emerging technologies.

In 1994, she pitched her first successful book proposal. Over the next 10 years, she wrote 21 books about various software applications and internet technologies. Most of her books showed beginners how to work with Microsoft Office. During this time, she was also the technical editor for 22 books.

In 2004, Coletta decided it was time to find a fresh writing voice so that she could compete with the new generation of internet content writers. So she spent 4 years as an independent correspondent for two Hawaii newspapers. While she interviewed all sorts of personalities on the Big Island of Hawaii and wrote stories about their lives and cultural events, she developed a conversational writing style.

Coletta’s clients come from around the world, but she works from the comfort of her distraction-free and spacious home office.


Coletta graduated from Central Washington University with a B.S. in Business Administration. Her education did not stop there. She regularly takes writing and data science classes to keep her skills current. She’s earned 11 IBM digital badges for courses in chatbot design, cloud computing, blockchain, data science and analytics.

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