Call of Duty: World at War Patch 1.7 for PCs

Patch 1.7 fixes a handful of minor multiplayer bugs

Call of Duty World at War - Map Pack 2 Sub Pens Screenshot

The Call of Duty: World at War 1.7 patch fixes a number of minor multiplayer bug fixes. Before patching to 1.7, you need to update your game to the World at War version 1.6 patch. The patch is available in English, German, and as a dedicated server patch for Linux.

Patch Details

All Call of Duty: World at War patches can be downloaded free from any of the hosting sites listed below. If you own a digital release of the game through an online digital download service such as Steam, you most likely don't need to apply this patch manually. Likewise, if you own a physical copy in a combo pack or game-of-year type pack, most patches have already been applied to the game code. Download links for the various versions are:

Official Call of Duty: World at War Patch 1.7 Notes

The 1.7 patch addressed the following:

  • MP server crash exploit
  • A voice chat crash on systems with no default recording device selected
  • An issue causing erroneous duplicate qport errors.
  • Server admins can disable team switching by setting g_allow_teamchange to 0. Players are restricted to Auto-Assign in team-based game types.

About Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty: World at War was released in 2008 and marks a return to the World War II theme present in the original Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2. The game contains two single-player campaigns: one that follows a U.S. Marine fighting through battles in the Pacific Theater against the Japanese and one that follows a soldier in the Soviet Army in the final weeks of the war and the fall of Berlin.

The game was well received by fans and critics alike and still has a dedicated following. Call of Duty: World at War is also the first Call of Duty game to feature the popular Zombies game mode. This game mode went from a nice extra to a part of the franchise that is expected with each release. The original Zombies mode in World at War features a tower-defense style game mechanic where players fight wave after wave of zombies, trying to survive for as long as possible. It doesn't contain an end or any victory conditions: it's about how long you can survive.

The Zombies mode in subsequent Call of Duty releases has become more story driven and complex with competitive and co-operative gameplay. In all, there are now more than 20 Call of Duty Zombies maps, all of which are detailed in this Call of Duty Zombies maps and mode list.

In addition to the Zombies mode and single-player game modes, Call of Duty: World at War features a competitive multiplayer game mode that pits two teams against each other playing on various maps from the single-player campaigns. All four factions — the United States, Japan, Germany, and the Soviet Union — are available in the multiplayer component, and it includes perks, different soldier classes, and more.

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