Call of Duty: World at War Cheats and Secrets (Nintendo Wii)

Call of Duty
Sascha Schuermann / Stringer

There are currently no known working cheat codes for Call of Duty: World at War on the Nintendo Wii video game system. Instead, cheats are activated by collecting Death Cards within the game, see below for more information.


There are two gameplay modes that can be unlocked in Call of Duty: World at War; Veteran mode and Zombie mode.

Veteran Mode Reach level 32 to unlock Veteran mode. Veteran mode has much tougher enemies for your co-op pleasure.

Zombie Mode Successfully complete the campaign to unlock Zombie mode. Once you complete the game (on any difficulty) the credits will roll and the mini-game will begin, its called Natch der Untoten, which means Night of the Undead. Endless waves of Zombies attack... fun, fun.

Hints and Tips

The following gameplay tips will help you in your journey throughout Call of Duty: World at War. These tips can be used for any version of the game and have been provided by Activision.

Weapon Management You can only carry two guns at a time so make sure you maximize your arsenal. Always switch weapons and pay attention to what you're carrying before you pick up a new one. You don't want to lose that Flamethrower!

Countering Banzai Attacks If you fail to shoot down a charging enemy, you can counter the Banzai attack with a melee move. This must be performed quickly before the on-screen prompt disappears or it's game over!

Cooking Grenades In order to prevent enemies from throwing back your grenades, you should 'cook' them before tossing them. This is done by holding down the Grenade button for a few seconds (just a few!) before tossing it. Don't old onto a live grenade too long or it'll blow up in your hand! Cooking is obviously not recommended when you're throwing back an enemy grenade.

Death Cards Secret Death Cards can be found on certain levels in the game. Death Cards can be used in co-op mode to create special 'cheat' effects that add different twists to the game. Look for Death Cards on helmets propped up by rifles stuck in the ground (like makeshift graves).

Listen to Your Commander Not sure what to do next? When you hear the name "Miller" or "Demitri" that's you, soldier! Roebuck or Sullivan will sometimes instruct you to cover fire, throw a smoke grenade, etc. - so pay attention!

Zombie Mode - Natch der Untoten! For a little fun Call of Duty: World at War includes a mini-game as an unlockable bonus if you complete the Solo Campaign. Start with a pistol and work your way up, as you scramble to defend your cabin from a post-war zombie invasion!

Zombie Mode - Fight to Survive Earn points to purchase weapons, upgrades, cabin space and more. With each round the zombies become faster and more aggressive, increasing the sense of panic as you try to survive as the last human standing!

Zombie Mode - Co-op Play The fun factor multiplies in co-op mode when you team up with others and tackle the never-ending frenzy. Work together or horde points in competitive play. Tip: You won't get far alone.

Zombie Mode - Arcade-style Fun Featuring arcade-style pickups, bonuses, and scoring system, "Natch der Untoten" is actually a game within a game that involves plenty of strategy and skill. It's an addictive challenge that rounds out the most feature-packed COD game to date.