CNN Offers Pricing Details on Upcoming Streaming News Platform

Half off for new signups

You've heard about the 24-hour news cycle, but what about the 24-hour news cycle… on demand? 

That's what CNN has planned for this spring, with the upcoming launch of their streaming service CNN+. The news giant just unveiled a ton of details on the streamer, including monthly cost, as announced in an official company blog post. 

CNN+ Pricing


CNN+ will debut at $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year, with a significant discount for early adopters. If you sign up for the service during its first four weeks, you'll pay half that, $2.99 per month, and this discounted price will last for the lifetime of your subscription. 

The app will include access to live programming and a full suite of on-demand content hosted by former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace and current CNN stalwarts Poppy Harlow and Anderson Cooper, among others. The company promises to announce more "shows, talent, content offerings and business updates" in the near future. 

CNN has also teased "interactive programming," though stopped short of explaining how that would work within the app. 

"Nothing like CNN+ exists. There is no news and non-fiction streaming subscription offering available today, and only CNN can create and deliver a global news product with this kind of value to consumers," said Andrew Morse, CNN EVP, Chief Digital Officer and Head of CNN+. 

CNN still hasn't announced the actual launch date for the service, saying that it'll be available sometime this spring. 

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