How to Open, Edit, and Convert CMBL Files

Screenshot of several CMBL files in Windows 10 that open with Logger Pro

Tim Fisher 

A file with the CMBL file extension is a Logger Pro Data file that may contain videos, spreadsheets, and other analytical information.

CMBL files are generally used by students to store data collected by science and math experiments.

How to Open a CMBL File

CMBL files are XML based, which means any free text editor can be used to view them, like Windows Notepad or a program from our Best Free Text Editors list.

Some web browsers may try to open CMBL files as a text file and display it in the browser. If a text editor or web browser displays the CMBL file in a strange or unreadable format, Logger Pro can be used instead (you can grab a free demo here).

The free Vernier Graphical Analysis iOS app can open CMBL files too, but it might not be able to read all the information contained in the file.

Be careful not to confuse a CML file with a CMBL file. CML files may be Chemical Markup Language files, CrytoMailer Encrypted files, or Crazy Machine Lab files, but none of those formats are the same as Logger Pro Data files, which means they can't be opened in the same way as CMBL files.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the CMBL file but it's the wrong application or if you would rather have another installed program open CMBL files, learn how to change the default program for a specific file extension in Windows.

How to Convert a CMBL File

If the CMBL file is readable outside of Logger Pro, you can open it in a text editor or maybe even Microsoft Excel, and then save it to a new format. Excel can even be used to plot information from a CMBL file to a graph without using Logger Pro.

This Convert CMBL Into Excel File YouTube video is helpful if you're wanting to do that.

Otherwise, we recommend installing the trial version of Logger Pro so that you can open the CMBL file there to save/export it to a different file type, possibly even to a Logger Lite Document file (.GMBL).

If Logger Pro doesn't let you export the CMBL to GMBL, you might be able to import the file into the free Logger Lite program and then save it as a GMBL file.

With the Logger Pro trial, you can most likely also "print" the CMBL file to a PDF file if you have a PDF printer installed.

Use the online cmbl2csv converter tool if you want to convert CMBL to CSV.