Clubhouse Officially Releases Android Beta App

You'll still need an invite

Android users will finally be able to download the Clubhouse app on their devices—but they'll still need an invite. 

The audio-based social network officially released its beta Android app over the weekend to US users. According to the Google Play store, over 50,000 people already have downloaded Clubhouse’s Android beta app. 

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Clubhouse wrote in a blog post on Sunday that it will collect feedback from Android users over the coming weeks to fix any issues that arise, and work on final features before rolling out the app beyond the US. 

"With Android, we believe that Clubhouse will feel more complete," Clubhouse wrote in its blog post. "We are so grateful to all of the Android users out there for their patience."

Certain Clubhouse features are still unavailable for Android users, including topic following, in-app translations, club creation or club management, and payments. The app is available for Android devices using OS versions 8.0 and above. 

Even if you have an Android device, you’ll still need someone already on Clubhouse to send you an invitation to access the app. Or, you can sign up to join the waitlist. 

The attention and interest surrounding Clubhouse could be attributed to its invite-only status and, up until now, its exclusive availability on iOS devices. Experts have said that Clubhouse opening its app to Android users would be a good thing for its overall success and growth. 

Even if you have an Android device, you’ll still need someone already on Clubhouse to send you an invite to access the app.

Clubhouse also announced in its blog post that it will begin to open its app to more users this summer, starting first with the people on the iOS waitlist. In addition, the app will add more accessibility features and expand language support. 

Other social networks have seen Clubhouse’s popularity and are attempting to copy its audio format. Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn all recently have introduced audio-only features or proposed plans to do so on their platforms to reel in users who are still waiting to get on Clubhouse. 

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