Clubhouse Is Adding a Music Mode for Higher Quality Audio

The app also is reworking its Search functionality

Social audio app Clubhouse is introducing Music Mode, which gives musicians who play live on the app new tools to optimize sound quality.

According to a post on the Clubhouse blog, users also will be able to use their professional-grade audio equipment on the app, like mixing boards or a USB microphone. In addition to the feature, the Search functionality is getting an upgrade to make it easier to find certain creators.

Man listening to music on smartphone

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Music Mode is being added as a new option that can be found under the Audio Quality menu. The mode enables high-quality stereo audio, regardless of whether headphones or a speaker is used.

This stereo audio support also has been added to the Clips feature, so the high quality stays the same in the snippets. Music Mode will come to iOS first, then to Android devices soon after.

Clubhouse Music Mode


Meanwhile, Clubhouse refers to the Search upgrades as "under the hood improvements," but doesn’t detail what these improvements are. However, the post does reveal that users will have an easier time locating creators and groups, like language clubs. The app also has moved the search bar to the top of the user interface for easier access.

As an added bonus, users can also wave to their friends if they’re online using the Search bar. Like Music Mode, the upgraded Search functionality will also come to iOS first before making its way to Android devices.

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