Clubhouse Gets Audio Recording Feature Called Replays

Record and download audio from a live room

Clubhouse announced a new feature on Monday called Replays, which lets creators record and save audio from a live room. 

The popular audio-only app describes the Replays feature as "live, but later" since creators can download the audio from a room and listen to it later. To make it even easier to find the clips you want to save, you can skip around from speaker to speaker in an audio clip instead of manually fast-forwarding. The feature is optional in any public room. 

Man listening to audio

Getty Images/Yevgeniia Vradii

"When Replays are enabled, anyone on Clubhouse can replay the entire experience whenever they like," Clubhouse said in its announcement of the feature. 

"They'll get to see the same elements of a live room like Leave Quietly, and watch the dynamic of the stage and audience shift and evolve throughout the discussion, including PTRs, mic taps, and all the special moments that only happen here."

Other aspects of the Replays feature are pinning links to any segment and downloading the audio to edit and use however you want. Another big rollout with Replays is Total Attendee Count, allowing room creators to see and share cumulative counts of all the people who came through a room.

Clubhouse said to expect more analytics features like this one in the coming months. The Replays feature, however, is rolling out this week on the iOS and Android Clubhouse apps. 

While Clubhouse initially became popular last year because of its exclusivity, it has slowly shed this title. For example, the app officially became available for anyone to join in July after removing its waitlist system initially in place to let people in. 

The addition of Replays is another example of the app starting to shed its exclusivity focus into availability for the masses. 

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