How to Close Your Zoho Mail Account

Delete your Zoho Mail account for good

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If you recently created a new Zoho Mail username, or if you've switched to a different email service, you may want to close your old Zoho Mail account. That way, you don't have to worry about hackers getting access to your dormant inbox.

These instructions apply to the web version of Zoho Mail. All steps are the same regardless of which browser you use.

Are You Sure You Want to Delete Your Zoho Mail Account?

Closing your Zoho Mail account will also close the associated Zoho Calendar. In addition to your messages, you'll also lose your contact lists and other documents or data stored in Zoho applications. Accounts are not recoverable once closed, so make sure you're willing to part with all of this information.

Rather than deleting your account, you could have your Zoho Mail messages forwarded to your new account. At the very least, it's a good idea to back up your emails in case you need to find an old message.

Zoho is a single sign-on. This means that deleting your email account will also prevent you from accessing any other Zoho product using your Zoho username and password.

How to Cancel Your Zoho Subscription

If you have an active paid Zoho Mail Subscription, you must cancel it prior to deleting your Zoho Mail account. If you have a free Zoho Mail account, you do not need to cancel anything.

  1. Log in to Zoho Mail.

  2. Select the My Profile icon in the upper-right corner of Zoho Mail and choose Subscription.

    Zoho Mail screen with My Profile selected
  3. Select Change Plan in the Manage Subscription section.

  4. Select the Cancel Subscription link.

  5. Select Click here to cancel your subscription at the bottom of the page.

How to Close Your Zoho Mail Account

To permanently delete your Zoho account:

If your email is associated with the Zoho People HR management service, then you must contact your company's human resources department to close your account.

  1. Select the My Profile icon in the upper-right corner of Zoho Mail.

  2. Select My Account.

    Account options in Zoho Mail
  3. Select Preferences.

    Account Preferences in Zoho Mail
  4. Select Close Account.

    User preferences with Update Preferences button in Zoho Mail
  5. Enter your Zoho Mail password under Current Password and select Close Account.

    Optionally, select a reason for quitting Zoho and enter additional comments in the Comments field.

    Zoho Mail password under Current Password and Close Account button
  6. Select OK to confirm that you want to delete the account.

    Confirmation window to delete the Zoho Mail account.

Can You Restore a Closed Zoho Mail Account?

As part of the data retention policy that you agreed to when creating your account, Zoho Mail deletes all data from closed accounts after 30 days. If you closed your account within the past month, you may be able to restore access by contacting Zoho Mail technical support.